Monday, May 28, 2007

Message to Hesse-Seewald

In the names of Their Graces, the Fürst and Fürst Guntram and Sieglinde Blauerwolf, I bid greetings unto the rulers and representatives of Hesse-Seewald. Having been advised of the relative positions of our fine states, I thought it my duty to contact your government forthwith and extend our formal greetings and open a dialogue upon regional issues.

Naturally, under our present circumstances a primary concern is the current conflict upon our southern border, into which we have been drawn by the flagrantly illegal and ungentlemanly actions of the Bad Nachtschwein League in sending mercenary troops to invade our soil and threaten our southern trade routes. In view of this heinous action and believing your own state to be upon a primary trade route of this merchant league, we humbly request that you would enter into agreement to halt the flow of product from Bad Nachtschwein through your territories until such time as the grievance has been redressed and peace concluded between our Principality and the representatives of the League.

In accompanyment of this message we have dispatched Colonel Freidrick von Heiner and a small caravan of the local produce, in particular goat cheese, goats milk, and goat's hair cloth, as well as samples of the fine coal and iron to be found in our mines. We are confident of our ability to establish a base of trade and goodwill with your fine country that can only assist in increasing the stability of the region.


Burgraf Heinrich von Waffenschmidt
Minister of State

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