Sunday, May 27, 2007

to the Duchy of Stollen

Greetings from the court of the Hertzhog Stanken Fahrtz

Your scribe apologizes that due to some intricacy among the various functionaries, I do not have the correct names and titles to hand, but the directions were to create a speedy response.
We are excited, of course, at any chance of economic communications and will more than gladly exchange goods and ambassadors.
The Brig. Hilligekine Brattmann, a promising young nobleman and his personal aides have been ordered to seek out your country with various pledges of good will and so forth.
We need to comment, however, that Frankfurter is presently occupied by Gallia, and thus perforce must be involved in the Hessian / Saxon theater. We are attempting to keep our own participation focused on primarily local concerns which will strengthen pan-German autonomy in the long run. Still, the Gallian officers presently posted to our territories are gallant gentleman and have honored diplomatic usages and safety to this point.
Therefore, we extend a Pass to you for your envoy should you decide to continue diplomatic communications.
Our Minister of Economy, Herr Cut-me-own-throat Dilbert has ordered the provisioning of a caravan of samples of our sausages in order to initiate trade. He is given to understand that "stolen" is a national specialty for you .... Hopefully, the Brigadier and the convoy will travel together and arrive in a timely fashion at your court.
Interim, we would like to extend an invitation to your fair, noble ladies to the forthcoming festivities celebrating the birth of the Urpprinz Honker. Among other things a costume party, called a masquerade fete, is being organized with the assistance of the notable Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade who have developed this entertainment form.
May you flourish and perspire ... uh ... prosper!

yr srvt. Gen. Rosenschnauz

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