Thursday, May 17, 2007

Grussen lassen to my new Comraden in Diplomacy

My Dear Dukes and Princes
I greet you in our conspicuous comsumption of leaden objects.
I have decided to avail myself of your wonderful hospitality and travel to Saxe-Bearstein forgoing my semi-annual six month vacation to conduct diplomatic business in your realms. I will be travelling incognito with a small retinue consisting of my household guards of six infantry regiments, two batteries, and the household cavalry regiment. Sadly I leave behind my wives but am bringing 12 of the Moon Goddesses priestesses to minister during the Holly days.
I look to establish trade with your small countries in the form of Kriegsmachts in return for your best considerations.
Protector of the Divine Mistress and Lead Worshipper of the Moon Goddesses
Bob XXI of Reconstituted Byzantium


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Anonymous said...

I'm (as all of us are, for sure) curious & eager to learn more about the LaceWars Byzantium!
What could the uniforms look like?

I read somewhere of Byzantium's special hatred for France (/Gallia, St Maurice..). 'Franks' was a generic designation by Crusades times, to distinguish western christians (with mixed latin + german heritage) from eastern ones ('Greeks'). Thus I suspect this hatred to be rather more general, in the lines of the Orthodox vs. Roman Catholic animosity, Tarass Bulba fashion. So, *no* catholic country may be spared, the equivalents of Austria & Bavaria as well as (though mainly at sea) those of Italy and Spain?

(abdul666 on the OSW & SOD Groups)