Monday, May 28, 2007

To Irwin-Amadeus II

My Dear Irwin-Amadeus II of the Grand Duchy of Stollen, und Udo Dirkschneider von Pfeffernuβe
Greetings and condolenceses on your Duchy's nobility.
Your courrier arrived just as we were breaking camp and our plans have changed taking your advice to try Hamburg for a Princess to marry one of our 12 sons. We have despatched an ambassador and company of Varangian Grenadier Guards, as well as several physicians, to your capitol to set up an embassy and trade factory in preparation for our supply fleet arrival in Riga prior to a riverfront landing in Krankenstadt.
We travel overland to the Oder River to purchase craft to take us down river to Hamburg. We understand that Silesia is a most restful country this time of year and we hope the sight of our rather large retinue of infantry, horse and guns does not frighten the population.
We shall stop and meet with the Duke of Alzheim and then stop in and see Frederick in Berlin, if he's not on the road. We shall send a representative ahead to Alzheim.
Good trading,
Adieu mon ami,
Elect of the Moon Godesses
Re-constituted Byzantium

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