Sunday, May 27, 2007

brand name franks

I don't how the rest of you might handle this problem,
but I'm sure that more than one of you has it! LOL
Okay, Frankszonia and Frankfurter are actually two different "realities."
The original, Frankszonia, came to be in the Society of Daisy ... a group of very whimsical, but also quite serious players. It was aimed at humor, often of a risque sort. If I can recall correctly, there are at least two other guys there running their own home "Frankfurter Wars" games. Also, there was somebody running the Barrel Wars (competition among brands of libations) who was based in Frankfurt (Otto made up a batch of flags of beer logos for him, and mistakenly put in my file, so I stole them gladly!!)
When Gallia's opening move overran Frankfurt Am Main, I wrote a humorous note to Bill Protz protesting his cavalier invasion. He and Alte Fritz were kind enough to invite me to continue to contribute sort of humor when I could and maybe even bring some figures to one of their grand games (a real dream, I hope). On the other hand, they needed me to tone down the more outrageous facets of Frankszonia a tad, and also their game needed Frankfurt to be much more "historical" (I say hysterical, but that's another line) because of places already in play.
So, I generated "Frankfurter" ... same time, same station, smaller signal :)
Now since Alte Fritz and Bill Protz have consented to join this blog (their contributions to wargaming are impressive, btw), I'm trying to restrict myself to "Frankfurter" entries.
But, on Walpurgis Nacht, when the viels between the worlds are thin ....

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Bluebear Jeff said...

It is a holiday weekend . . . so not many of us at home to post things. I think that I'm finally getting a semi-handle on the differences between your various "nations".

-- Jeff