Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hesse-Fedora thanks its neighbors


Landgraf Bogey has authorized me to respond quickly to any offers of recognition, as we all know that the time it takes to send a message to Hesse-Fedora and back would generate intolerable delays.

The Landgraviate graciously accepts the recognition of Hesse-Engelburg and Saxe-Huack. Using his extensive contacts with the Screen Actors Guild, the Landgraf has convinced many of the landgraviate’s finest to “play their part” on the country’s behalf. Although my information may be dated, I believe it is Landgraf Bogey's intention to despatch Freiherr Barton MacLane to represent us with Hesse-Engelburg, and Freiherr Raymond Massey to Saxe-Huack. Both gentlemen will be gazetted as full Colonels upon their reception by the respective courts.

To His Highness the Elector of Vulgaria, we would hope that Mr. Beria will convey our sincere apologies. Having been brought up within the fold of the Reich, we myopically consider the Lady of Vienna to be THE Empress, with no intended affront to the Grand Lady of St. Petersburg.

Of course, Major Andrzej, szlachta of the Duchy of Mieczyslaw will be welcome in Hesse-Fedora. The current manuevers are, in our opinion, only intended to frighten Landgraf Bogey, but he will not be. We find the idea of open warfare between Germania and the Imperium unlikely over our small principality, especially with the real problems caused by Gallian meddling in Germanian affairs such as the current unpleasantness in Ober-Schweinsberg.

However, in order to best be prepared, the Germanian units in Hesse-Fedora have moved into the area know as "The Garage" and begun practicing the evolutions of the latest BAR doctrine.

Graf von Lorre


Bluebear Jeff said...

One of our officers, Maj. Gen. Otto von Lager, recalls serving with a "fat man" (as he called him). This hearty fellow was named something like Grunstrasse.

According to what Gen. von Lager has said about him, Furst Bruno would be pleased to accept him as an enjoy to Saxe-Bearstein, if such were the pleasure of Landgraf Bogie.

We have heard rumors that there are Stagonians among the high councilors in Hesse-Homburg. If this proves true, then there is little question but that Saxe-Bearstein will support recognition of Hesse-Fedora.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Poruchik said...

The Elector regrets that Vulgaria is unable to offer recognition. The Elector and Vulgaria are firm friends of the Empress in Vienna as well as the Empress in St Petersburg. A messenger has been dispatched to re-route the mission of Major Hohenschweingau and his escort to Hesse-Homburg.

The Elector is willing to attempt to exert what small influence Vulgaria has at the court of the Lady Maria-Theresa towards a diplomatic solution.

Byr L Beria
Shw..., VU

Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia cheerfully acknowledges anybody who can appreciate our brats! Unfortunate and hopefully temporary political political troubles, however, require us to caution that we must currently take a dim view on sausages that also include cheese except for Cheddar and Stilton ...