Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vulgarian Travelers on the Road!

In an effort to bring stability to a deteriorating situation between The Duchy of Alzheim and The Electorate of Vulgaria, the Elector has dispatched his master of diplomacy Boyar Boris Basenov and his companion Natasha Lethale. They are traveling with a small escort of Hosok Tere Hussars, letters of introduction and various Vulgarian wines, smoked pork and clocks; lots of clocks. These are all intended as gifts for the assembled court in Alzheim.

The Elector has also dispatched Major Hohenschweingau with a small escort of the von Hause Dragoons as a military advisor to His Excellency the Landgraf Bogey von Hesse-Fedora. Regrettably Ambassadors and formal recognition are not possible at this moment. The Electorate of Vulgaria enjoys excellent relationships with two powerful Empresses and Hesse-Fedora’s adversarial Empress has not been named.

Byr Lavrenti Beria
Chief of Diplomacy
Schweingrad VU

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Bloggerator said...

Your emissaries will be welcome.

It seems we share an interest in preventing the situation among the Hessian states from destabilising.

Perhaps Alzheim and Vulgaria have other interests in common? I forsee talks to finalise our border and to regulate fishing activities at the very least.

Augustus II Rex,
King in Alzheim.