Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bubbles blown up?

Something of a 'bubble' map was thought of.

I was certain that many of our imaginary places overlapped each other.

I have found a different (more detailed) map of central Europe that I have used a graphic program to put suitable 'blobs' of colour representing our various places.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Alzheim seems to be in the wrong place.

I believe that his comment on Alsace was that Alzheim was in a similar situation as Alsace -- not that it was located in that area.

"Alzheim holds a position not unlike that to Alsace, with an outlet to the sea in the North, and a common border with Vulgaria to the south-east comprising a land frontier and a shared (rather large) lake."

This border with Vulgaria has long been an issue between them (if you read back in their blogs). This, along with its "outlet to the sea in the north" means that it is most likely in close proximity to Mieczyslaw.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Ober-Schweinsberg should go in right underneath Hesse-Engelburg, directly to its south. I like the placement, though. I'd been thinking of it as a little further southwest, but that placement leaves room for Hesse-Fedora and Hesse-Seewald to throw in northern neighors while I throw in a few southern ones, while still having us in similar vicinity. It looks like our version of the Hessians are doing pretty well for themselves in land area :>

Poruchik said...

Vulgaria is far too North on this map, in spite of the Germanic overtones it's more of a slavic nation. If you circle Transylvania and leave a corridor up the Carpathians you are close to where I envision it to exist. Sort of an upside down comma.

Gallia said...

The new map is very nice and much appreciated. Bravo! Gallia is situated perfectly and thank you.

In case it matters, Saxony is an ally of Gallia named Saxe Raschstein. Indeed the current war between Gallia and Hesse Seewaldt has caused Prussia to invade Saxe Raschstein and occupy it. Gallia is going to liberate it in this year or so Gallia hopes

Bill P.