Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chateau du Prince de Charade

Comte de Legerdemain: Bonsoir Monsieur l'Prince.
Prince de Charade: Bonsoir mon trés cher l'Comte. Entrée, s'il vous plaît. Bienvenuve mon ami.
Legerdemain: Oui. Merci. Merci beaucoup.
l'Comte de Legerdemain has been summoned to the chateau of the Gallian Foreign Minister, the Prince de Charade. The two enter the private office of the Prince's home away from the Foreign Ministry to privately discuss diplomatic affairs within Germania and by this they mean the welcomed, if mysterious and sometimes curious deluge of diplomatic traffic and behaviors suddenly arisen in this the second year of the war in Germania between Gallia and Hesse Seewald. We know that the two Gallian Armies under l'Duc de Broglie at Koblenz and the second commanded by Lt. Gen. Chevert at the magazine at Frankfurt Am Main, a haven of gastric if not turbulent gastronomic delights, are about to move deeper into Germania now that each has been rested, reinforced and invigorated from last years drawn campaign. Hesse Seewald, the arch enemy of Gallia for reasons lost in time, has been similarly rejuvinated and like a coiled spring is ready to strike as well but this time with new allies including the forces of Britannia now encamped in northwest Germania. What the petty states of Germania will want to say or do is not known to the narrator but we do know that the Prince with the full support of King Louis XV is a sly old fellow and will --- well --- we'll see won't we mes amis as he opens his letters brought by Legerdemain?
Votre Serviteur,


Bloggerator said...

Mon cher Cousin, M. le Prince

A delight to see and greet you in this place.

I am your obedient servant,

Augustus II Rex,
King in Alzheim

Bluebear Jeff said...

Graf Maurice von Hirschbock of Stagonia sends his continued best wishes to King Louis XV of Gallia . . . or may he be so presumptuous . . . to Emperor Louis of Pax Gallia?

Be assured that the army of Stagonia is ready and willing to see that the latter title will come to pass.

-- Baron Gustav von Rumpel
Foreign Minister of Stagonia

Gallia said...

Your Majesty,
Today I had the distinct honour to receive votre lettre du 17 Mai. I am gladdened even more so by your very kind compliments which I take to heart I assure you Sire. The King assures me of his faith and trust not only of yourself but of all of The Duchy of Alzheim as I send my
Very Sincere and Ardent Regards,
Prince de Charade
Chateau Charade

Gallia said...

Mon trés cher Graf Maurice von Hirschbock of Stagonia,
The King received your expressions of kindness today with great pleasure and if I may say so of unbounded contentment. He trusts in your fraternity and support more than most can imagine as events unfold in Germania. He asks after your dear family trusting in Providence that they are well and begs your forgiveness that affairs of state as the campaign resumes prevented his writing to you today trusting in my poor correspondence with you as I remain,
Votre Ami de Guerre et Pax Gallia,
Prince de Charade
Chateau Charade