Friday, May 25, 2007

Lettre pour l'Duc de Broglie from Lt. Gen. Chevert now at Frankfurt Am Main

Monsieur l'Duc et General de Broglie at Koblenz, Germania,

I have the honor to say my suite arrived at our magazine at Frankfurt Am Main
this afternoon thus ending our journey from Versailles commenced almost a week
ago following the party at l'Prince de Charade's chateau of the 18th instant.
It was a great pleasure to see you and Duchess Broglie again and I am so very
comforted she found my Chevert wine so effervescent. I hope she believes it
compares somewhat favorably with the product from Champagne.

Tomorrow I shall meet every officer of battalion and squadron rank and above
to ascertain the status of their commands. From the look of the enlarged camp
and my first observations, the men appear well fed from the local stores of
sausages provided by the city and by our own trains of excellent Gallian food.
The horses of the cavalry are well found, energetic and alert. I am also very
grateful for the additional breastplates afforded by the King.

Of the foe there is no immediate news. Colonel Mirage forwarded a message from
the Fulda Gap indicating no Hesse-Seewaldt movements have been detected to the
east within fifty miles. He also has not observed any Britannian legerdemain
from the north, but we did not expect any this early in the season.

At the request of the court, Lady Masquerade with her particular friend Lady
Pettygree is to host a party for which the former lady is so famous. I am
honored to attend adding this duty to my schedule. Planning started even
before their arrival so as to not interfere with the march to the eastwards so
soon to commence. It will afford all the officers one last opportunity for
civilized entertainments before the first shots are fired.

Finally I am very pleased to say Prinz Wilhelm of Saxe-Raschstein, the King's
brother-in-law, will be en-route from The Imperium with the newly
reconstituted Rutowski Chevaulegers. I am led to believe these men are
particularly enraged or shall I say eager to come to grips with the Prussians
especially, who occupied their nation last autumn. I believe we will be able
to count on their sincerest attachment to our campaign to relieve Saxe-
Raschstein of all Prussian influence.

I have the honor to hope my letter finds you in good health as when we last
met and that all goes well with the main army at Koblenz as I am sure it must
under your command as I remain,

Votre Servituer,
Chevert, Lt. Gen de Gallia
Frankfurt Am Main

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