Friday, May 18, 2007

The Alzheimer Gentlemans' Magazine

Royal Fashion

When seen reviewing His troops last Tuesday inst. it was noted with interest the delicious shade of madder Red worn by his serene highness, the King in Alzheim.

As he comported himself upon his fine Arabian charger down the ranks of Alzheims' army it was noted how particularly fine were the plumes in his hat. A little bird tells me that these plumes can only be got in Paris!

He informed GFM v. Browne that the troops looked particularly fine in their new issue of uniforms.

The Ritter v. Horn was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle (3d Grade) for the turn-out of his company.

Gentlemen of Distinction and Breeding will note that the Royal Household buys their lace from Serbollini's of Zwei Groschen Allee in Alt-Alzheim.

Another little bird informs me that Gentlemen of Distinction and Breeding may note that there are Commissions to be had in all SIX of his Majesty's Regiments of Foot and also in each of His Majesty's FOUR Regiments of Horse.

Bourgeois are invited to attend the Artillery Barracks.


Poruchik said...

Clearly Sire the news from Alzheim suggests that they are in the process of mobolizing their forces. I told you a subscription to The Alzheimer Gentlemans' Magazine was not wasted. See they advertise right here in print that they are accepting applications to bring Regimental commands to full strength.

I suggest that we send a request immediately to the Czarina asking that we move forward the joint excercises on the southern border. Having a few extra regiments and squadrons from our Russian cousins might not be such a bad thing at this moment.

Mjr Poruchik~

Bloggerator said...

Yes, you can read a lot into the Society pages of the Gentlemans' Magazine.

v. Horn