Friday, May 25, 2007

Updated Position Summary

Fellow Rulers,

Here is a reprise of the earlier "position summary" that has been updated from various comments. (Note that I've used dark grey italics for our secondary nations.)
  • Altmorania -- (Mieczyslaw aggressor state) essentially Prussia.
  • Alzheim -- Alzheim holds a position with an outlet to the sea in the North, and a common border with Vulgaria to the south-east comprising a land frontier and a shared (rather large) lake. Alzheim also holds a small territory in northern Italy of which Augustus II Rex is King.
  • Boyardvina -- (Mieczyslaw aggressor state) western Russia.
  • Burtzenia -- (Mieczyslaw aggressor state) Monrovia.
  • Byzantium -- would be the 'Old' Byzantine Empire on this planet, taking up portions of Southern Bulgaria, Northern Greece, and all of Turkey to a line running SE from Trabzon to about Aleppo then to the Med.
  • Dobrudshiva -- (Mieczyslaw aggressor state) northern Ottoman Empire.
  • Fenwick -- (neighbor of Wittenberg) north of Wittenberg.
  • Frankszonia -- centered on Frankfurt on Main, see map & description on blog.
  • Gallia -- equivalent to France
  • Hesse-Engleburg -- somewhere in the Hessian area, just north of Ober-Schweinsberg.
  • Hesse-Fedora -- Hesse-Fill-in-the-blank is on or about the Rhine, so generally west of all those little Saxe-Whatsits.
  • Hesse-Homburg -- (enemy of Hesse-Fedora) next to Hesse-Fedora but otherwise undefined.
  • Hesse-Limburger -- (neighbor of Wittenberg) south of Wittenberg.
  • Hesse-Seewald -- Hesse-Seewald is the area on your 1740 map that lies between Hesse Kassel and Saxony (roughly around the letter "H" for "The Empire" on your map, which points like a dagger into Saxony). West border is the Weser River near the town of Munden; north border is the Harz Mountains, the south border extends down to the Fulda Gap and Fulda; the east border is the area around Gotha, which was recently acquired when the Herzog of Saxe Gotha died and his daughter married the Erbprinz of Hesse Seewald. (Saxe-Weimar is sister-state.) See notes about Hesse-Seewald in the [Old School Wargaming] Files folder labeled "Wars of the Saxon Duchies".
  • Mieczyslaw -- north-east of Bohemia with a 'spur' extending to the east of Bohemia to a point somewhere south alongside Transylvania. The northern edge is along the Baltic coast and there is a port there at an imaginary river delta of the Brass River. overlap much of Poland and intersect with Lithuania and parts of the Duchy of Prussia. This would make parts of Mieczyslaw coterminus with bits of Stollen.
  • North -- ? (presumably Scandinavian) inspired by Sweden, but exact location undetermined at present.
  • Ober-Schweinsberg -- (enemy of Hesse-Engleburg) south of Hesse-Engleburg.
  • Saxe-Bearstein -- same as Bohemia.
  • Saxe-Huack -- occupying the same area as the modern state of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Saxe-Jarlsberg -- (neighbor of Wittenberg) south of Wittenberg.
  • Saxe-Raschstein -- (ally of Gallia) the area of Saxony.
  • Saxe-Weimar -- sister state of Saxe-Weimar effectively extends the borders to the Saale River to the east. It's a rather large state, quite capable of fielding an army on par with that of Hanover.
  • Scandalusia -- ? (presumably Spain) somewhere on the Iberian peninsula.
  • Stagonia -- (enemy of Saxe-Bearstein) immediately west of Saxe-Bearstein; essentially Eastern Franconia. On 1740 map, gold area between 'P' and 'I' and below 'H'.
  • Stollen -- northeast of Frederick's Prussia, occupying roughly 1000 square miles or so of territory between eastern Prussia, Courland, and Poland (before the partitions). No outlet to the sea, though the Greater and Lesser Zwishen rivers flow northwest in the direct of The Gulf of Riga. No mountains, but plenty of sandy hills, lakes, pasture and pine/birch/aspen/alder forrest. Fairly typical "Baltic" landscape and climate -- short summers, COLD winters. On the map, go to the "LA" in Kurland and then directly south the latitude of 55 degrees North , adjacent to frontier of eastern Prussia. That is approximately where Stollen and Zichenau can be found -- more or less. They and their tiny, contentious petty principalities are surrounded by Prussia, Poland, and Kurland -- mosty the latter two. Stollen and Zichenau don't occupy enough territory to butt up against Russia as reported previously.
  • Uber Gruntshuffen -- in the area of Wurzburg; Bordered along the south by Unter Gruntshuffen - a smaller but vilanous state.
  • Unter Gruntshuffen -- (enemy of Uber Gruntshuffen) south of Uber Gruntshuffen.
  • Vulgaria -- somewhere between Russian, Austria, Prussia and the Ottoman Empires; hasa common border with Alzheim near a fairly large lake. Vulgaria is probably in the Carpathian and Transalvannian Mts. but totally land locked. Vulgaria lives in the world roughly in the area of 45'40" and 45'75" Latitude and 20'75" and 25'25" Longitude. The country is shaped like an upside down comma with the tail running along the Carpathians and the round bit anchored in the north of Transylvania. Wedged firmly between Moldavia, Podolia, Galica, Transylvania and Hungary
  • Wittenberg -- about where Bavaria is - sort of the same size, to the west is Monrovia (next to France)(fits in with Austria/France/Prussia forcing the peace of Witzend). Duchy of Fenwick is to the north (about a quarter the size of Wittenberg), to the south are Hesse-Limburger and Saxe-Jarlsberg (each about an eighth the size of Wittenberg)
  • Zichenau -- (enemy of Stollen) near Stollen, an equally tiny state that butts up against Stollen's southern and southwestern frontiers, sort of between Poland, Prussia, and Stollen. The very minor territories Pillau-Reuss, Pillau-Zerbst, Tauroggen-Fiebus, Zeller-Schwarzekatz, and Werben-Steinau ring Stollen on its western and Norther borders. These petty (in every sense of the word) states are very small, in some cases only a few miles across.
Please forgive me for any unintentional errors I may have made. Please note anything that needs further correction.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

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