Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hesse-Engelburg News

Hesse-Engelburg Extends Recognition to Hesse-Fedora

The Principality of Hesse-Engelburg has become perhaps the first small state in the region to extend recognition to Hesse-Fedora, offering their newly formed regional neighbor an exchange of ambassadors. It is as yet unknown if this will sour relations with Hesse-Homburg, but with the Principality already mobilizing to deal with the Ober-Schweinsberg situation, it's difficult to tell if Their Graces are making any increase in defenses in response.

Ober-Schweinsberg Disintegrating

In what is now being refered to as the War of Ober-Schweinsberg Succession, the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg is rapidly disintegrating into various armed factions. Besides a patchwork of districts loyal to either Prince Arnold or Prince Ansgar, various cities and lesser nobles have chosen to declare either independence or neutrality rather than support either Prince. Most notable of these, perhaps, is the Bad Nachtschwein League, a trade league formed by various Ober-Schweinsberg cities and led by Bad Nachtschwein, one of the principal market cities of the Landgraviate. The League has chosen to declare itself a government, and has called upon the surrounding states to recognize it as an independent association of free cities.

Feldkamp Gala to Continue as Scheduled

Major Reinhold Feldkamp, the well-regarded commander of the General Staff Headquarters Guard, is hosting another of his bimonthly parties on the morrow at his grand estate. While there was speculation the party might be cancelled with war worries escalating, Major Feldkamp has confirmed that the gala will be continuing as scheduled. The Feldkamp Galas are attended by visitors from several foreign nations, most of them individuals or the family of individuals who once served with the Major during his time in mercenary service on the Austrian frontier.

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Bloggerator said...

This latest act on the part of Hesse-Engelburg is greatly disturbing to His Majesty. That Hesse-Fedora is being so rapidly being drawn into the Orbit of Hesse-Engelburg suggests collusion and hints at a plot to fatally weaken Hesse-Homburg.

Alzheims' Prince is greatly disturbed by these events.


v. Horn
Sec'y to his Majesty
Augustus II Rex,
King in Alzheim