Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chitlin's and Salivations to All!

Once again, the Frankszonian Inquisition will install a new Festival.
(Since we were the first to officially declare tolerance for all except for the tolerance society in Germany, our Inquisition facilities are mainly used for big barbeque and bratwurst grilling events).
In keeping with our two main congregations of St. Peter the Fisherman and St. Peter, the Later in the Day Sod, we will cheerfully host a fish fry and kegger. Our guests are advised to prepare their transport home and register it prior to the event .... as the ability of our personnel to deal with more precise instructions seems to deteriorate rapidly after the first, happy hour of our celebrations.
We sincerely hope that all the exchanges at the event will be diplomatic and comparatively discreet!
Remember the Pigg in the Blanket Affair!
Meanwhile, the Frankfurter council cheerfully maintains its armed neutrality in this brand war among the other Wieners ....


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