Friday, May 18, 2007

Maine and Gruntshuffen Times May 18

Worrying News
Farms Burnt
Peasents in Fear!

Reports are reaching our offices of disturbing events in the south of Niedriger Gruntshuffen. Over the course of the last week several farms within the Parish of Fungelhof have been destroyed by sudden outbreaks of fire. Although the occasional blaze is not that uncommon, we hear that no less than six major blazes have been started - one each evening.

No person of Merit is believed to have been harmed athough some have lost stock, equipment and the odd peasent or two.

The fires are being blamed on the activities of of a small group of lawless men living wild in the hills of the region. Local administrators are believed to be organising troops to track down the miscreants. Further reports suggest, however, that the small force of Horse currently in the area are in fact patrolling along the border with Unter Gruntshuffen. No one in authority will confirm or deny this. One trooper of the force was heard to comment that the commander believed that incursions from Unter Gruntshuffen were being directed by that states own armed forces. At least that is what we believe he said. The amount of ale that he had been mysteriously supplied with just prior to our reporters overhearing the remarks, did make his speech terribly slurred.

This publication ardently hopes that these events are not the start of another flare up in the border dispute that has raged here for several years. Although with the prospect of war looming on a larger scale, it is possable that the Duke of Unter Gruntshuffens' advisors may believe that the time is right to claim the county of Neidriger Gruntshuffen which they have long desired.

We here at The Times will keep you informed of ant developments.

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