Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yet Another Mappe?

This time the Fredrich game board.

Be warned this is a very LARGE image.

You can also play this via a little app called Cyberboard.

The full details are here.

I think that while this is a good map for a concentrated effort revolving around Prussia (or Altmorania as I have termed it in my Imagi-nation), the total area covered is too small to encompass the whole of what EvE players are 'up to'.

Better would be something more along the lines of Sport of Kings or Empires in Arms, as they cover the whole of the continent (or more) with 'gameable' results possible.


tradgardmastare said...

Interesting map - thanks for posting it. We all move forward to 1758 and campaigning with anticipatition!

Ike said...

Very interesting; CyberBoard is a useful program certainly.

One question: how difficult is it to create a map file to be used in CyberBoard? If we could - or more accurately, one of us could - create a map for a campaign it would be a genuine breakthrough.

MurdocK said...

Not hard at all ike, I have been experimenting with other maps and materials with the program.

All that is needed is to use a good graphics manipulation program, I use Photoshop 7, and then save the image as a .bmp for use by the Cyberboard gamebox construction program.