Monday, January 21, 2008

Proxy Battle Central


Please use the comments of this post to either . . .

A) Let us know that you have a battle that you'd like someone to "proxy fight" for you

B) That you are willing to host and fight such a "proxy battle" for other gamers.

And, I should let you know that Arthur and his Wife have begun the Tippelbruder battle. It has been set aside for the moment because Arthur is quite limited in the amount of time that he can sit up. He did indicate that his efforts on behalf of Stagonia were so far having a bit of a rough go (due to his poor initiative rolls).

I'm sure that all of us feel very sorry for those vile . . . I mean . . . oh, heck you know I really do mean 'vile' Stagonians. Perhaps someone (besides Koenig Maurice) even wants to see Tippelbruder burned down.

As for me, I'm hoping that Arthur's wife rolls her usual good dice; and that we soon get to read of the salvation of Tippelbruder and its Uniform Template Works . . . as well as the defeat of those vile sniveling scum masquerading as soldiers.

Meanwhile, please list those battles that you'd like to have fought by proxy.

-- Jeff


MurdocK said...

For now The Marauders stand ready to 'proxy' battle for anyone.

I have 2 fairly large tricorned armies in 25mm and can substitute in at least two more (as long as you don't mind seeing some troops in Napoleonic uniform).

My table space is 8'x5' and I have a good variety of terrain and a 'backdrops' that give something of the illusion of hilly terrain or a dark sky.

I mostly game using either Shako or Age of Reason rules, but also have good live opponents that are familiar with Jeff's Tricorne Wars.

Snickering Corpses said...

I might be interested in working up a battle between Prince Asgar and Prince Arnold for someone to proxy.

MurdocK said...

So far the best method for handling the 'information' for a proxy battle is to break down your men into either raw numbers (1st Battalion "X" regiment 600 men, troopers, guns etc) and have a list of commanders for the brigade and army command functions. Any details you have about those commanders would also be valuable (expecially if they are aggressive, or slothful, or 'relations' of the Prince) in the *operations* of the tabletop battle.

A map of the area (with any special features *described* on it - do not get into numbering this in a game sense as we each use different rules anyways). Think of this map as the basic one that any officer might see on campaign (which is to say about Russian maps mostly a flat nothing with a few rivers or churches on it).

Within the context of the map or personalities consider if there might be some special *victory* conditions (this is especially true if the battle is to be faught at better than 1:2 odds, as the 'lower' side might be better off just retreating unless they are there only to delay the main body or have a simple task like sneaking someone hidden past the enemy lines...etc - the possibilities here are endless, but again the really simple little things should only need to be done when odds like 4:1 or worse are encountered).

I recommend against games of 'arrival' too much (only a few such contests were really faught this way in the period really) unless the whole battle is a 'skirmish' action involving only a brigade or two on each side (this way one brigade each might be 'on table' and the 'arrivals' come in to support the action.

Best battles for tabletop have 2-3 brigades of Infantry, 1 of Cavalry and 1-3 gun batteries.

Smaller actions are possible, but those are best really small skirmishes or 1-10 or even 1-1 scale actions, like raiding parties or scouting actions prior to the 'big battle'.

This leaves room for maneuvers and 'mistakes' or 'chance' to take a hand. Truly large contests with 12 brigades of 3 Battalions (24 battalions with 16+ figs each means 384 minis or more and that's just the infantry!) tend to become 'line-up', face your opposite, and SHOOT IT OUT at point blank range. The first to break tends to become a melee or cavalry melee location and the winner of that (unless there are no reserves) will get to have the day. Rather sad really as such 'immense' contests really should be done as a series of smaller situations, as the 'interlock' in my experience has been very limited since few players manage to hold their reserves long enough.

Finally uniform details, main colour of the contestants is best I think since we all have such a different variety of troops. These 'proxy' battles may become my motivation to paint up some different variations for my troops. For battles that I run I can also do the flags for your troops, so that you may 'kind of' identify them; so those details will also be welcome.

Frankfurter said...

I'm working on two scenarios right now ....
But I need a response from Hesse Hombrug first ... as Homburg is too darn close to Frankfurter and Homburg is "hiring" folks ... which may include a lot of Frankszonian emigres ....
Also, I've got a concentration ready to blitz Offenbach and liberate it from the traitors who betrayed it to those vile Stagonians ....

MurdocK said...

Excellent a second engagement at Offenbach!

I understand that their defence works have had many moons to grow!

Frankfurter said...

Yes, but Offenbach has a much smaller resource base than Frankszonia, and there's been bad weather ...
Perhaps I should print a blow up of the map ...

Frankfurter said...

In fact, I'll post a blow up of the pertinent area right away ... notice that Offenbach prior to the conflict was effectively an open town ...

MurdocK said...

Hmm, Offenbach town may not have lots of resources, but what of the Soweiter League?

Frankfurter said...

Actually, Frankszonia considers itself an ally of the Soweiter League, indeed, by now Offenbach is effectively surrounded by Frankszonian forces, yet we have not interfered with its commerce at all, except to conduct strenuous inspections of any craft or wagon which has called at or is going to Offenbach.
Simply put, the real foe is the Vile Stagonian influence, which Frankszonia must eradicate from a site literally on its doorstep.
Given the recent repulse of the Stagonian forces at Tippelbruder (pictures next week) accompanied by its rather heavy infantry losses,
(Edie didn't roll her normal abnormal initiative rolls, and her command control problems slowed down her accessing her reserves, but her artillery rolls were off the charts! ... literally shot down three times as many infantry as I figured were probable in the scenario design ... ) we're expecting some strong Stagonian cavalry brigades to attempt to enter Offenbach shortly ...

But we've set a trap for them (Machiavellian sneer) ...


Snickering Corpses said...

Definitely looking forward to the battle report and pictures, Arthur. Also, there will I hope be a breakdown of losses for both sides, so the different nations know their casualty rates?

Snickering Corpses said...

I'm near finishing up a scenario for the battle between Asgar and Arnold. Asgar's forces will be on the defensive. Arnold's forces have a 6% numerical advantage; a 3-4% BAR point advantage.

Asgar's forces - eight battalions of infantry (from raw militia to elite guards), twenty cavalry squadrons, and six guns. Total 4,380 infantry, 2,400 cavalry.

Arnold's forces - nine battalions of infantry (raw line to veteran grenadiers), twenty-two cavalry squadrons, and five guns. Total 4,560 infantry, 2,640 cavalry.

I'm thinking of starting Asgar in possession of a small town, which is one of the objectives for Arnold. A river crossing behind the town, and perhaps some useful ridges well in front of it. The map will likely be a variant off of the "Soggy Bottom" Tabletop Teaser in Battlegames issue 8, page 34.

Does this seem like a reasonable approach to your scenario suggestions so far, Murdock? The details will of course make the final decision. I started out with something smaller in mind, but after reading your post I filled it out towards the 3 brigades infantry, 2 brigades cavalry size.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Murdock is out-of-town for the weekend at least.

I don't have Battlegames #8 and I'm virtually certain that he doesn't either.

I know that you have my address . . . perhaps you can xerox the map and send it to me (we'd probably play it here since his gaming shed isn't heated).

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

hi Jeff,

I'll probably work something up in GameMapr, as I want to change it slightly anyway. I've been heavily debating the force balance.

I should probably also put some thought into flags for the regiments as well.

MurdocK said...

Sounds excellent Jonathan.

Your numbers work out very well for Tricorne Wars (Jeff's little rules set).

As Jeff has already pointed out you could send a fax to him or you could post your GameMapr map into your blog (or here at EvE) then we can just copy it!

Troops info is great, now for something about the 'nature' of the commanders....