Saturday, January 19, 2008

A letter from the Holy Father to Duke Karl Frederick

My Son
This letter pains me to write . Pressure has been brought to bear upon me by my loyal and faithful servant the Empress Maria Theresa and the diplomatic corps of the Imperium. Their secret and vigorous assaults upon my person - in terms of legal argument and appeal under heaven, has led me to a painful and sad conclusion which I must share with you this day. I hereby revoke for all time your claim and sovereignty over the land known as Schwartz - Tradgardland. The Land will be without rulers or authority until I hear the appeals of the crowned heads of Europa.They will make fit and proper representation to the Holy See for sovereignty of the said land.
Once more my sorrowful thoughts are with you.


Frankfurter said...

Upon hearing this rumor, a ship departs down the Main to Tragardland.
It is loaded with barrels of fine Rhine Wine, excellent sausages, and missionaries of the Anglericans (who will also want to buy up some good dried and salted stock fish for shipping home).
Their primary message, of course, being "who needs a Pope?"

Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh, things are not happy in Tradgardland; the Empress and the Pope have planned a coup; *sigh* just what oh what is there to do?

I hope that Tradgardland doesn't just fade away . . . do not go quietly into the night.

-- Jeff

Herzog Ignaz said...

The Pope giveth, and the Pope taketh away...

abdul666 said...

A rude stroke for a rather isolated Roman Catholic country...
Hope it will survive, and even keep its rule over Schwartz Wald See, if under some 'disguised' form!

Then, what about a mass (no pun intended) to the Shetlands &/or Ny Tradgarland?