Monday, January 28, 2008

Gallian Ministére d'Guerre, 29 Janvier 1758/2008

Narrator: We are invited to The Gallian Department of War at Versailles. The Ministre d'Guerre, l'Duc de Formidable is host to His Majesty King Louis XV, the imposing Foreign Minister we know so well, the Prince de Charade and with dispatches, Lt. Col. Enigma recently returned from Germania.
Ministre Formidable: "Your Majesty, Your Excellency the Prince and Lt. Colonel, welcome. We are thankful Your Majesty for calling this meeting regarding the progress of the war in the first weeks and indeed months of the new year. Your Majesty...." {l'Duc Formidable bows his head in deference to the King}

The King: "Gentlemen, I am troubled with our indecisive operations last year. Though our armies won several successes to the glory of Gallia, Der Erbprinz expertly blocked us at every avenue. All we have to show for it is Lt. Gen. Chevert's occupation of the Fortress of Gemüden, somewhat east of that troubling magazine at Frankfurt Am Main. Bastille continuously writes he is in a perpetual state of agitation with the Frankzonians there. The Imperium signed an Armistice taking them out of the war. Finally Marshall de Broglie though initially victorious over the Marquis of Granby could not oust the Britannian from his position at Minden - during the entire summer and autumn. Messieurs?"

[Formidable nods to Lt. Col. Enigma to speak first.]

Enigma: "Your Majesty, I am just back from Germania to report of the success of Gallian forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Chevert at Mühlenberg, just north of Gemünden on the 9th instant. The new cavalry commander Your Majesty promoted. Lt. Gen. Audace, caused the Hesse-Seewald left flank to collapse opening up a route to work into the rear of the enemy whilst Lt. Gen Chevert battered and pinned the bluecoats in the town proper. Your brother in law's new Saxon cavaliers, the Rutowski Chevaulegers were particularly terrifying as they fell upon the black hussars with great execution. Revenge Sire was given to them. The blue coat infantry pulled out of the town as night fell making their escape. A victory Your Majesty to open the New Year."

The King: "Thank you for this news."

Charade: "Your Majesty. We have more. I received a report via the dispatch vessel Alerte that l'Comte de Albany landed safely in Scotland, met numerous clan chieftains and was persuaded that Edinburgh was ripe for a fall. Indeed, l'Comte after consideration, ordered a coup de main and Edinburgh fell without a shot. Your battalion of Royal Ecossais that accompanied l'Comnte de Albany was in garrison at Edinburgh as of last week, Sire."

The King: "We must support my friend Charles Edward Stuart better than the last time he landed in his homeland. This time though I condone only the revival of the Scottish Monarchy and nothing more nor mischief south of Hadrian's Wall."

Formidable: "Oui Your Majesty. He understands this well. The fall of Edinburgh was unexpected this quickly, if at all. Yet there it is. I suggest we dispatch the other Scottish battalions of Ogilvy and Albany bringing our infantry commitment up to some 2,100 men including the battalion already there."

The King: "Make it so. Yet this is insufficient it seems to me."

Charade: "Indeed Sire. It may be. Yet the clans must pass the test, as it were. Will they rise to defend the inevitable counterattack by George II or will they remain home? L'Comte de Albany, I know has plans to raise loyal lowlanders. Indeed there are reports of defections.

Narrator: At this point dear reader we pause seeking the assistance of Jeff of Stagonia, if it pleases him. Would you please throw a 1D6 to determine the number of lowlanders that flock to the banner of The Pretender? - Charles Edward Stuart that is? You may use the floor modifier described on page 45 of Batailles de l'Ancien Régime (BAR). (Cement hard floor, die must not hit anything except a hard wall per p. 45.)

1 = 250
2 = 500
3 = 1,000
4 = 2,000
5 = 4,000
6 = 8,000 (yes this is the jackpot!)

Charade: "And Sire Britannia is over committed. Tradgardland has taken The Shetlands, the Marquis of Granby remains idle in northern Germania and there may be action in The New World with some kind of military combination involving our forces at Fortress Louisbourg and allies from Ny Tradgardland."

Formidable: "Finally Your Majesty, I have word the Armistice will fall to pieces by July. Thus the white coats of the Empress will march again to discombobulate the foe. Lt. Gen. Chevert is well placed to assist her at this moment." De Broglie will march against Grandy again too."

The King: "I rise to these plans Messieurs and salute you. 1758 appears promising!"

Formidable: "A toast!. [All raise their glasses of fine Chevert wine.] Confusion to our enemies!"

Narrator: The meeting ends. Fate learns the plan for her destiny.


Gallia said...

Points of Order
Alan did the coup de main at Edinburgh earlier this month or so. Way to go Alan!
A possible "three battle campaign" could decide the fate of The Pretender. The side winning two battles is declared the winner.
If The Pretender wins, he revives the Stuart Monarchy and Britannia gives up - for the time being I'm sure. If Britannia wins, The Pretender flees Scotland and the Rising is over.
I suppose one could use any blue coats for the Scottish battalions sent from Gallia/France. Likewise one could perhaps get by using Highland battalions as loyal to The Pretender. The 42nd. for example. One might even use ECW Scots. Why not?
The Britannians would be the usual British infantry. The Umpteenth Foot and so on.

tradgardmastare said...

Bill I wonder if our fellow E vE bloggers will fight the game for us ?
I will post some thoughts /details of coup asap - rather hasseled at work. Watch this space......
p.s Jeff how did the die rolling go.....

Stagonian Jeff said...

Believing that only our esteemed (well, steaming) monarch should actually hurl the die, I devised a stratagem.

First I sought out the largest sharp cornered die I could find (it was red and labeled 'Circus Circus' for some reason).

Next, while His Majesty was sitting at table (drinking), I casually placed this large die with sharp corners on the table near his non-drinking hand.

Then, retiring toward a corner of the room I casually said, "Sire, what do you think General von Drednoz . . ."

His Majesty (as I suspected he would) grabbed the die and hurled it in my direction.

Being ready for this, I dodged so that the die slammed into the marble walls in the corner and came to rest on the marble tiles of the floor.

I noted that the top side of the die showed five spots as I hurriedly withdrew from the chamber.

-- Stagonian Jeff

(Okay, I rolled a '5')

abdul666 said...

A Jacobite army combining ECW Scots with AWI blue coats?
It would look*great*!

Hopefully, would such 'heretical' force enter battle, a photograph would be there!


Gallia said...

Thank you Jeff of Stagonia!
See.... the floor modifier almost always pulls large results. I'm not kidding either. No one will believe me by my local pards.
Yes this three battle campaign concept could be farmed out to someone here. Why not?

I could do it with Der Alte I suppose with all my ECWs, BRitish foot and my 110 miniature 42nd Highland Bn, the latter pretending to be Jacobites, but farming it out would be a better idea. Anyone interested?
Bon Chance,

Der Alte Fritz said...

Bill: you have 110 42nd, I have around 50, and Randy has 72 for a total of 232 men in kilts, or about 4 "clans". I have some 50 or so Montrose highlanders which could become another unit and maybe some militia types for FIW could be used. So that gets us to 6 Scottish units. Add in some French piquets and a squadron of dragoons and you are practically there for a Rising.

Now then, when do things get stirred up in the Vendee?