Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ny Tradgardland

Captain Anders ,after a brief journey by Gallian boat, arrives at a point of rendezvous. Gallian,Tribal and now Tradgardland representatives gather to meet and discuss plans for the coming Spring.

Finally it is Anders turn to speak. He assures the company of the good wishes of the Duke,the willingness of Ny Tradgardland to field troops -200 men from the settlement assisted by 100 tribesmen. All are willing and awaiting instructions. Anders takes his seat and waits for the senior Gallian officer present to speak.....


abdul666 said...

I see the Gallians, the Tribal, but *who* is the Ny Tradgarlander? The man with the red cape? Looks more like a neo-Welsh., imho...


Gallia said...
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Gallia said...

Narrator: The Gallian is none other than Capitaine Acheron de Vinnie whom we met, dear readers, last June when he secretly rendezvoused with the Tradgardland Diplomat von Bergmann for the first time at a secret coastal location in Gallia. If you go back to those days you will see multiple entertaining texts about the meeting, actions at sea, injuries and more. However, for now de Vinnie is transferred to the Gallian Fortress of Louisbourg in the New World. He stands before Ny Tradgardland's Captain Anders, recently arrived and....
Acheron de Vinnie: "Mon trés cher Capitaine Ahnnnnnnndehrs'. I welcome you to the Fortress of Louisbourg. Your journey must have been a cold one but luckily the harbor is free of ice - for now."

Anders: Yes, I mean, oui Monsieur and alzoh free from turbulence and Britannian mischief. We Tradgardlanders do not mind ice e in the least."

de Vinnie: Oui, I have heard! At any rate, the Britannian squadron based in Halifax rarely shows itself in the winter and they are freer there from the vexing and pushy New Englanders who so much desire our destruction and removal here at the earliest moment. A relief I am sure. So for now, we are free to traverse the waters.

Anders: "I am anxious to meet the Governor Silhouette to commence discussions of a military nature to jointly oppose Britannian aggression expected in a few months time.

de Vinnie: "Oui, cetainement monsieur. However, first my Governor asks me to take you to Gabrus Bay to see what he has in mind for Britannian and New England peoples who may choose to appear this campaign season. It will help your conversations with the Governor. -- Over there is a small packet ship readied for that purpose. Shall we go?"

Anders: "Oui."

Narrator: Our two boarded the Gallian packet Rascalle and in an hour were anchored calmly in the center of Gabrus Bay - just west of Louisbourg."

de Vinnie: "You see before you Capitaine Ahnnnnnnndehrs a concave bay, a small beach, dense forest all round, gently rising ground on the left and center and a steep hill on the right. Oui. The one above the waves breaking on ze rocks. This bay is the only suitable landing place for fifty leagues and more. Between us and the fortress to the east is some open ground upon which the New Englanders encamped in the last war when they came here. Zo, the thing is, if we oppose a landing here with vigor and impetuosity, well, the foe must fail."

Anders: "Yes but the trick will be to be in position or close by when the Britannians appear."

de Vinnie: Ah oui. That is certain. Let us row ashore so you may inspect the hidden surprises we are rebuilding from the last war."

Narrator: De Vinnie and Anders rowed ashore, inspected the entire bay from gauche to droit (left to right), climbed the steep hill on the right and walked inland some fifty toises to see interior areas including old campsites. Later they reboarded Rascalle which took them to the harbor of Louisbourg and a fine dinner at The King's Arms. On the morrow Anders will meet the Governor who is at the moment indisposed with a mild cough.
I have been to Gabrus Bay. I can still see it in my memory from a trip there in 1987. If I may impose upon circumstances, in those days twenty years ago I desired to build Gabrus Bay with its surprises for the British and to produce a tabletop game involving boats, beach landings and all the rest we can imagine might occur on a scale greatly reduced from say Omaha Beach. Utah might be a better comparison though. So, if someone wants to launch an amphibious landing, we can do this locally. Plus I have a book entitled (I think) Invasion which has a chapter on the landings at Gabrus Bay by the British in the mid-18thC. I always wanted to do this so perhaps I can with your forbearance. Brits., New Englanders, Canadians, Woodland Indians, Compagnie Franche de la Marines and perhaps some regulars AND Ny Tradgardland allies too. I have lots of boats as well.

tradgardmastare said...

I look forward to that game Bill...
p.s photos /account to be published upon Ev E if possiblle?

abdul666 said...

It had always be my hope that the 'EvE' campaign would make good use of Bill's huge experience of amphibious actions (learned on the Canadian theatre). I was thinking of actions on that lake giving its name to Hesse-Seewald, or on some Rhine tributary, but it could be an enjoyable way to spread war from Urope to the New World.

Looking forward for developments,