Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Privy Council, in session:

"Mr. Minister Pitt, what is this plan of yours again?"

"Excellency, your navies will combine with an expeditionary force of some 14,500 men to transport them to our naval bases at Halifax." Opening his folder and running a finger down the lists, William Pitt resumed.

"From there these troop transports and escourts will re-provision then move on the French Fortress Louisbourg, there are no more than 3000 or so garrison forces that could possibly be called upon."

Clearing his throat while glancing at the First Lord of the Admiralty, Baron Anson of Soberton, whom nodded his approval both to him and the Prince,

"A detachment of fast sloops shall also proceed from Halifax to inform our land forces command in New York to proceed north into New France holdings. This will then form a two-wing 'pincer' attack which should reach the primary city of Quebec before the onset of winter either this year or next."

Minister Pitt then took a deep breath,

"Majesty, we shall not have any great success with continued action on the continent, France simply cannot be defeated by direct engagement. We may, however, be able to progressivly remove her strength by cutting off the French from their overseas holdings. The western approaches squadrons shall remain in place, the Biscay hunting squadrons have already departed and a new assault force which will take action in the spice islands is ready in Carolina. It may have already departed depending on the wind and tides along the coast regions."

Lord Admiral Anson was now grinning with a twinkle in his eyes that made Pitt shudder for a moment.

"Collectively these dispositions will bring about a total cessasion of trade and commerce for France outside of the continent. Given that France is currently engaged with many Uropean germanic regions and there is a threat that Empress of Österreich shall enter the conflict this year makes for far too much on the plate of King Louis XV."

"Indeed Mr. Minister Pitt, and for your opposite I should think to one Marquise de Pompadour!" The prince shouted back while thumping his hand on the table.

Many others were a bit less excited but all were showing a sort of proud smirk or smile while mulling over their own parts of this plan.


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