Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gallian's Wintering In Germania And Elsewhere

Narrator: Snow and cold weather in western Germania brought military operations between Gallia and Freyburg versus Hesse-Seewaldt and Britannia to a halt. As we begin 1758/2008, it may perhaps be useful to recall....

Germania (See the “Friedrich” board game map, if you please):

Koblenz, Gallian magazine of:
10,000 Gallians.

Frankfurt Am Main, Gallian Magazine of:
15,000 Gallians commanded by l'Intendant Bastille.
Bastille released some Frankzonian prisoners for Christmas.
Frankzonians were grateful and impressed.

West of Frankfurt and Koblenz, west of the Rhine:
Winter Encampment of l'Duc de Broglie and l'Duc de Poyanne's Army.
de Broglie is in Versailles. De Poyanne temporarily left the Main Army to inspect the Koblenz garrison, also under his command.
Large Main Army, 20,000 estimated soldiers.

Gemünden, Fortress of:
Lt. General Chevert has encamped his entire Army here refitting for the Spring Campaign. Some think he will be ordered into Bohemia (Saxe-Bearstein) when the Armistice between The Imperium and Germania falls to pieces. Should there be trouble in Frankzonia he is within two days march of Frankfurt Am Main, the latter to the westward of the fortress. Estimated to have 15,000 soldiers.

In Scotland:
Charles Edward Stuart landed with a battalion of Royal Scots in mid December. There he met with clans loyal to his family and merged clan forces into what he hopes will be an uprising to recover Scotland and the throne - at least in Scotland. The Prince and the Royal Scots were brought by a Gallian naval squadron, the latter returned to Gallia. Can we expect more soldiers to be sent? Well dear reader we must await the results of the meeting of l'Chevalier du Nord with the Gallian Foreign Ministry. Du Nord had previously been on Shetland and then was with the Prince in Scotland. Finally scouts have looked in on the nervous garrison of Edinburgh reporting disconsolations and trepidations among the troops of George II, fearing a Clan Uprising - again.

On Shetland:
No Gallian presence there once l'Chevalier du Nord was wisked away to Scotland in a clandestine but fraternal voyage. However, Gallia supports Tradgardland's occupation and we may presume Tradgardland may be happy with the above diversion to Scotland to keep Britannia discombobulated. Perhaps there is a political combination we have yet to learn about, eh?

Fortress of Louisbourg, New World:
Governor Silhouette is marooned by the ice in the harbor. Plans are afoot for the Spring thaw. Is there something cooking with Ny Tradgardland to vex the Brtitannians nearby?

At Versailles:
Parties and more parties. There we see our dear ladies, Lady Diana Pettygree, Lady Cherish Masquerade and Lady Belle Silhouette. Marshall Broglie is in residence too along with all the other Gallian personalities not already mentioned.

We may imagine Gallian soldiers enjoying the fireplaces in their barracks, singing songs, dreaming of home, manning outposts, awaiting plodding supply trains from home while sentries walk their posts peering into the distance for the unlikely appearance of Der Erbprinz or the Marquis of Granby. Patrols are periodically sent out in search of mischief. Nothing so far. The foe must also be enjoying the respite.


abdul666 said...

An interesting -and very promising- synthesis!

Just curious -what do the 'Royal Scots' look like? "Royal Eossais"?


tradgardmastare said...

A most interesting read and i look forward to developments...

Gallia said...

Oui Jean-Louis,
The Royal Scots are the Royal Ecossais in the uniform prescribed for 1758.
Votre Serviteur,

MurdocK said...

Perhaps we have the core mappe now after all?

Could FREDRICH mappe be acceptable?

I shall have to examine it more closely (and do some 'modifications for EvE!)...

Der Alte Fritz said...

Bill and I use the Friedrich map for our campaign, and while there is no Hesse Seewald on the map, we have agreement as to where it would be. The rest of you could do the same for your imagi-nations.

The map provides a raison d'etre for everything and has manageable movement distances and territorial objectives that help us out.

Frankfurter said...

Obliviously, I have no copy of "Frederick" but rely on the maps and aerial photos from a good map service ...
In response to a query on another post, Frankszonia will have little real impact on Bill and Fritz's playing unless I can actually make one of their big games ... mostly, Frankszonia is in THEIR campaign for the laughs (and to sell anti-acid products to l'Intendant
Bastille). The Gallian force in or near Frankfurt runs five to ten times the size of anything our local factions could put together ... which lets my Hurtshog run off into other adventures.
On the other hand, for local political reasons, he has to keep making these annoying political gestures ...
btw, who IS playing the Imperium, and will somebody build them a blog spot?

tradgardmastare said...

I play the Imperium and write about the adventures ( cake -related ) in my Imperium Blog. It is not at the strategic level but rather at the tactical - have a look at my last post.The Imperium in my Europa has been attacking Tradgardland and threatens Karl Frederick's Schwartz- Tradgardland where the Holy Father has appointed him Duke.
p.s Hope this finds your health moving forward well.

Der Alte Fritz said...

The Imperium in our world is currently in a state of armistace with Germania and Hesse Seewald (similar to the 1813 Campaign in Germany). In all likelihood, Imperium will rearm and renew hostilities in the spring or summer after it builds up its army (ie after I get enough figures painted to provide some serious opposition)