Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Snowy Night....

On a snowy star-filled night with the moon peeking through racing clouds the sentry at the Edinburgh Main Gate observed an old woman tottering towards him, burdened by a large basket of firewood upon her back. His heart went out to her, for she was the very image of his dear old mother not three years in the grave! He, with foolish abandon ,laid his musket on the frosty ground and unlocked the gate with a massive iron key. The gate swung open and the soldier went forth to offer succour and to lend a hand.
The old woman produced a broadsword from within her petticoats,dispatched the unfortunate guard,threw back her hood to reveal the grim visage of a red bearded hairy highlander.
Two hours later…
The streets of the old town were full of the Jacobites and their French allies. The town guard had fled , taking many of the town worthies in their wake. The good people of Edinburgh huddled in their homes, many unaware of the coup de main upon the very streets of Edinburgh
Dawn came late to the winter city. The burghers awoke to a new flag flying from Holyrood Palace and a newly proclaimed King in residence. A new Golden Age was coming in with the first rays of the sun.

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