Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Goeth the Kingdom of Leder Hosen?

The links to this site seem to no longer work. I fear that Frank is no longer blogging. Anyone have any news?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Frank has deleted his Leder-Hosen site and started a new blog for his figures:

He gives his reasons on the above blog (and also posted them on the "Old School Wargamers" Yahoo Group.

If you refresh your screen, you will see that the Kingdom of Leder-Hosen link was removed by me a few hours ago when I learned of Frank's actions.

However, Frank is still a member of the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog and will I hope return to posting at some point in the future.

-- Jeff
Blog Administrator

Der Alte Fritz said...

Thanks. I found the change on OSW. Our server was down all day at work so I was "in the dark" all day. I've added the new link to my blog.

abdul666 said...

I fully understand that Frank is currently fully devoted to his 'Minden Miniatures', without time (and no longer interest?) for campaigning in any 'alternate' SYW setting.

While I also understand Frank deleted his Leder-Hosen blog for clearity, I hope he will one day re-open it (or the Kingdom of Spielzeugland one, maybe?) and come back to the Brotherhood (no Sister yet, afaik?) of Imagi-Nation Rulers.

It's always a *sad* thing to delete a "Fict" link from my blog....