Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A letter to the King of France

Karl Frederick picked up his pen and began to write:

Your Majesty

May I send our humblest greetings to you at this season of rejoicing. I write firstly to enquire of your health and secondly to invite you and members of the Court to make a State Visit to Tradgarland at this time of celebration. As your majesty knows the Duchy has recently grown due to the benevolence of the Holy Father. Also I have been joined,under God, in my sacred task of administering fair and worthy Rule by my wife Duchess Liv. In order to celebrate the aforementioned Ducal events and to further cement concord between our countries I bid you come and join in our week of celebration commencing upon the feast of Candlemas.

Karl Frederick

The Duke sealed the letter and gave it to be taken by fast courier to the Gallian Court.


Gallia said...

Your Excellency,
The King is honored, indeed flattered, to receive your kind invitation. However, he is grieved to reply that state interests prevent him from travel outside of Gallia at this time. The war with Hesse-Seewald, Britannia, et al, requires and directs his intersts remain closely associated with all aspects of the current state of affairs. He is greatly complimented by your kindness with the hope a travel to Tradgardland might occur after the war, should you find it convenient and practicable.

Please accept my highest compliments and kindly never doubt the boundless esteem in which I hold you and your nation as I remain,

Votre humble Serviteur,
Prince de Charade
Foreign Minister
At Versailles
10 January 1758

Actually Alan, I had hoped to get to the UK in 2008 but those plans apparently have wilted.

tradgardmastare said...

It would have been lovely to have seen you in the UK- shame the plans have fallen thru ! Hopefully you can make it over here soon!