Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ny Tradgardland Rendezvous...

A cold yet sunny day off the coast of Ny Tradgardland. A representative of the Colony - Capt Anders sails towards the Gallian Territory nearby . He hopes to rendezvous with his Gallian counterpart in order to plan a joint operation for the coming year.

As ever Ny Tradgardland is committed to her Gallian allies here and in the Old World. The chance to co-operate against Britannia fills Anders with pride in his skills and a desire for Ny Tradgardland to show her talents in field craft and light infantry tactics. The local tribe will muster too - loyal to their White Father -Karl Frederick. It has been a hard Winter but that is behind them . Anders spys a boat approaching and hails her skipper.....

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Gallia said...

Narrator: Our Gallian nautician, (nautician?) has seen the approaching boat and:
From the Gallian bateaux:
Ahoy there in l'approaching boat.

Comment vous appelez-vous?
(What is your name?)

D'où venez-vous?
(Where are you from?)
Narrator: The Gallian ships his oars awaiting a reply.