Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Earl of Bute Reflects

Back in his chambers on Leicester Square, the Earl of Bute recounted the day's interview to his advisor and family tutor.

"So, to sum up, Ferguson, Pitt means to expose Hanover to the tender mercies of the Gallians."

"Then your fortune, it would seem, is made, milord," replied the tutor. "Once the Gallians make their march into Hanover, his majesty will cashier anyone associated with the disaster.

"So long as your lordship makes sure that the Prince of Wales is correctly positioned, the entire Grenville coalition will be put to flight, and the Prince's true friends will be brought to the fore."

"You appreciate the situation perfectly," replied the Earl. "But the Gallian terms for Hanover will certainly include the cessation of the Seewald subsidy. How can we position the Prince both in favour of this American adventure and yet minimise the negative consequences of termination of support to Hesse-Seewald?"

"It must be thought on," replied Ferguson meditatively. "The Whig papers will thump the tub of the Protestant Champion without cease, of course. So long as the unrest in Scotland continues, though, we can make the case that Hesse-Seewald must shift for itself."

"But what likelihood of that?" interjected the Earl. "The Young Pretender barely got away with his petticoats last time even with Oglethorpe's connivance--"

"T'was never proved, milord," interrupted Ferguson.

"Oh, aye, never proved; but the crypto-Jacobites have been put to the side in any event, and with the Gallians directly involved a new army bill will sail through Parliament."

"There is the matter of the Militia Bill," reflected Ferguson. "Were the bill expanded into Scotland, and the bulk of the effort against the Pretender entrusted to local forces, one might prolong the Pretender's useful adventures in the North almost indefinitely--certainly long enough to put one well clear of the Seewald subsidy."

"Ferguson, your perscipacity is always a pleasure. If we extend the Militia Bill we'll double our patronage in the North, and put us on the right foot for both the American project and in Hanover. We will have to compensate the Pelhamites out of the Militia Bill of course, but there should be patronage enough to go around between the Militia and a new Army Bill."

"If approached properly, one might find the Duke of Newcastle nearly as glad to see Pitt put to pasture as anyone. When will you apprise the Prince of Wales of his cleverness?"

"Oh, I should think we must let him enjoy Pitt's scheme for a spell. I shouldn't want to trouble him with the unfortunate prospects hanging over Mr. Pitt's head upon the fall of Hanover."


Der Alte Fritz said...

OK lads, I'm starting to have a problem with trajectory of this scenario, insofar as it is using the names Hesse Seewald and Gallia and taking events in an entirely different direction than what Bill and I plan for our own campaign.

I don't mind incorporating a little unexpected turn of event here and there that crosses into our world, as uncertainty can be fun. For example, as the person who controls Britannia in our campaign, I can allow for a Jacobite rebellion and even a Norwegian invasion of the Shetlands in the midst of winter. But pulling Britain out of western Germany and abandoning Hanover is just not going to happen in our campaign (particularly as i have been painting British troops like a madman and intend to use them in our battles).

Perhaps it would be better for you to use France, Britain, and Prussia and leave out Hesse Seewald, Gallia etc, as it all begins to get a little confusing as to who is doing what to whom. I apologize if this comes across as sounding heavy handed. Perhaps we could convene and establish some loose parameters for all of this free kriegspieling, which is creative and entertaining to read.

Or to put it another way, you are free to do whatever you would like to do in your imaginery world, but in mine, Britannia will fight Gallia everywhere and anywhere to the end.

your humble servant

Der Alte Fritz

MurdocK said...

Britannia and Gallia are fighting on the continent. Per your world's view.

They are also going to exchange in 'the new world', just as they did historically.

If you prefer "France" so be it.

Herzog Ignaz said...

Du calme, s'il vous plait.

History provides ample proof that there was often a wide gulf between that which the Earl of Bute expected and that which actually transpired.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I aplogize for making the original comment and feel bad about ruffling anyone's feathers. Let's go back and have some fun. :)

Herzog Ignaz said...

I commit to take the very best of care of any important Britannians I borrow and to return them to their proper places unharmed.

Frankfurter said...

Dear Alte Fritz:
I'm planning a new solo versus the Cheezers, some of the emigre Frankszonians (to be played when I finish writing up Tipplebruder), and hopefully a small unit of Hesse Sewald / Germania ... Now I created a few folks for Hesse Seewald / Germania for the Seifriedsburg battle, and would be willing to use them again, but I was wondering if you would like to generate some characters to receive our diplomatic foolishnesses etc.
Then you could espond in a similar vanity?
I've really enjoyed what Bill does with my Frankszonia escapades for instance ....