Saturday, January 12, 2008

A question of poxy ... uh .... proxy! ethics ....

This post sounds ten times more maudlin than I feel, just late and I'm tired.
Also, I will delete this post next weekend or earlier, as frankly it's a tad off topic and personal.

Dear friends,

First of all the many messages of encouragement to my wife and I during this illness have been very, very welcome. Though I'm clearly out of any immediate danger now, the infection seems to be a resistant one, and it'll be still a couple of weeks before I'm supposed to sit up longer than a couple of hours (to be honest, that's one rule I broke the day I was home ... it hurt, all right, but moving around and doing things made me feel a lot better anyway!).

Now here's my dilemma. Edie knows where the bogs are (after all, she is playing Tipplebruder) and I don't. Edie knows which infantry forces and cavalry forces are really under those cards ... and I don't. Now, if I resolve the battle from bed, it would be in 12 figure battalion scale, and she would only be able to take pictures and not play out her side. Given that her dice rolling and the barriers she's got in place, she has a real chance (as usual, alas) to give Stagonia a real bloody nose.
So, I'd really like to wait until we can set the game up in the living room and see what she would do.

ON the other hand, I've several minor scenarios in mind for the Ancient Nations blog, and those plastic ancients are already in the bedroom.

So, should I wait for Edie to feel comfortable with me sitting at the table for the four hours set up and play may take, meanwhile playing with my toy soldiers in bed, or resolve the scenario (which after all involves other gamers) first, or simply wait .... I feel bad playing new scenarios while an unfinished battle remains.

I'll tally up, and play SOMETHING dad bang it, next weekend.

Your servant


Fitz-Badger said...

I vote for waiting on the Tippelbruder battle (especially if it increases the chance of Stagonia getting a blody nose! lol). In the meantime I think it would be fine for you to do some other gaming that doesn't tax your health.
Take care and get well!

David said...

I completely agree with Fitz-Badger - especially the bloody nose for Stagonia bit! ;-)

You really should take it easy for now, get well and do the Tippelbruder battle when the time is right. We can wait!

All the very best,


Bluebear Jeff said...


I understand that apoplexy runs in Koenig Maurice's family . . . so, by all means, take all of the time you need to get healthy enough to fight the battle.

If it should chance that Koenig Maurice hears of other actions . . . well, let him fume is what I say.

I know that we'd all like Tippelbruder to be in the books . . . but not at the expense of your health.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

Hey, I've still got an unfinished scenario from 13+ years ago, because my opponent moved away. :> Nothing wrong with picking up other scenarios in the meantime. Just take what photos and things you need to get everything back where it goes when you're ready. If need be, measure it all out with a tape measure and write down how many inches away from the table edges everything is, if you're concerned about being able to replicate the position. :)

Frankfurter said...

Actually, I have the position essentially mapped ... all I need is for Edie to identify which units are under those blue cards ... and to tell me where the bog is, or to put a card on each field to record its condition for Stagonia to muck into ....

Gallia said...

Dear Arthur,
I regret to learn you are still vexed and rendered hors de combat with illness. Best of luck and prayer for you Arthur.
Sincere Regards,
l'Intendant Bastille
Lt. Gen. Chevert
Lt. Col Enigma

MurdocK said...

The muddy rains can continue to soak the Vile Stagonians while the troops of Tipplebruder stay warm and dry inside their bivouacs, with trips to the firing line (taking turns to watch for when their Vilenesses of Stagonia tire of being so sodden and leave).

Why move out to fight them when winter weather is doing such a fine job of wearing them out?

tradgardmastare said...

Karl Frederick and the Ducal Household wish you a continued move in the direction of recovery!
Take care Arthur!