Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Puzzling Contact

As the Intendant Bastille returns from his morning inspections, a swarthy workman carrying a hod of bricks stumbles and dirty, snow-melt water splashes onto the Intendant's boots. The laborer, with a frightened glance at the victim of his clumsiness and the escort flees quickly down a small, twisting alley.

But, his hat is lying upside down among the scattered bricks. A trooper dismounts, and, when he sees the inside of the hat seems to contain fancy papers, hands it to the Intendant. Upon arrival at his headquarters, the Intendant finds the papers to apparently be from some minor official in Limburg. Their content, however, is very interesting.

"If Hesse-Seewald and its allies were to come to Giesen by either route, they could pass between the Gallian concentrations fairly safely. Then by striking across Wetzlar and marching down the river to us, they would be in Ems in few days. From there, they'd be in an excellent position to threaten Coblenz or to strike north to their Britanian allies or even to come upon Frankfurt from behind.
The Munster cabal agrees that this is possible and wonders if Roquefort could also participate."

The Intendant is dubious about this intelligence, however. He had already endured several clumsy hints from the Frankszonians about the Cheezers and their cheesy plots ....


Stagonian Jeff said...


Perhaps somewhere a clever agent smiles.


Perhaps he smiles. Perchance he chortles.

Aye, chortles.

Fitz-Badger said...

Sounds like quite a bit of intrigue brewing in various corners of Imaginary Uropa.