Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Off Shetland...

A mixed fleet of 4 vessels is sighted off Shetland today . It comprises both Danish and Tradgardland ships. Supplies are brought for the hungry garrison, letters to and from home, troops being rotated for their time of duty marking the Duchy's presence known on British soil.

On board is Von Bergmann.He refreshed by his time back home and he is ready to attempt another mission for the Duke. Von Bergman opens his sealed orders and reads that he is requested to make a clandestine trip to the mainland of Scotland in order to make contact with the Jacobites at Glenn Frey - where the eagles fly. He is first to liaise with the garrison and then to be on his way.

Von Bergmann sighs but as ever is willing to put the Duchy first. He wonders what ever happened to that French officer who went to Scotland......


Gallia said...

Posted on 16 December 1757/2007

Port Of Le Havre:
A powerful squadron has entered the roadstead. Some think ice remnants aboard all vessels tells of a return journey from near Arctic climates. The Shetlands? Surely yes because little Alerte, the dispatch vessel for l’Chevalier du Nord whose route was between Le Havre and The Shetlands is with the squadron. We note some of the Gallian vessels are en-flute and riding higher in the water than previously. The Chevalier du Nord boards a river galley for a voyage up the Seine to Versailles to report to The Foreign Ministry about events far to the north.
I expect l'Chevalier du Nord has made his report at Versailles by now and has new orders. For the rest of Gallian News, please go back to December 16th. Nothing new since then. More soon especially since the first battle of 1758 will occur, God willing, on the 19th instant.
Votre Serviteur,

abdul666 said...

Always *great* to witness interactions between Rulers of Urope outside their 'pet' campaign. Then one really feels to be part of a 'working team'