Saturday, January 5, 2008

Field report from the Tipple-Bruder Swamps ....

Actually, the weather had been very unstable at Tipple-Bruder ... and it seems the Stagonian General has fallen seriously ill as a result and thus has only made dilatory moves.
There has been considerable skirmishing around the convent of St. Mary Hildegaard Kunegunde of the Holy Rose Water. Since it is in range of the Tipplebruder artillery, however, Stagonia has not made a serious effort to storm the place, in spite of the alleged presence of virgins still sheltered in its walls. There are at least two battalions of Allied infantry in position to rush to the defense of the light infantry who are enjoying shelter within the cloister.

However, in his defense, the frequent rains have prevented the ground from drying out enough for him to employ his superior cavalry well.
However, the Tipelbruder forces have been driven in to their outer defense line ... as soon as the ground dries enough for the cavalry to sweep around their flanks, the affair should come to a conclusion.
The Stagonian intelligence service has planted rumors of bands of rogue cavalry in Stagonian service in the mountain flank, thus pinning some of their better forces in the hills and out of the main line of our advance.

Major Edsel ....


Fitz-Badger said...

"Stagonian intelligence", an oxymoron? he he

Stagonian Jeff said...

"What! 'ill' is he? I'll teach him what ill is."

"Yes, your Majesty. Of course, your Majesty."

"Oh, shut up, Baron. I know that the weather there has been atrocious . . . but that effects the defenders as well."

(the Baron doesn't speak.)

"Oh, alright, Baron. You may speak again. But send a message to the General that he'd better haul himself out of his 'sickbed' and win this battle or he'll soon regret it."

"At one, your Majesty."

abdul666 said...

Typical season military activities... in wait for more favourable times (read 'weather' here, health in 'The Real World ™).

"Stagonian intelligence": according to the "Military ..." precedent, what about "Stagonian music" and "Stagonian justice"?


Snickering Corpses said...

Looks like I should have sent a battalion of the Sumpflöwen (Swamp Lions) musketeers to Tipplebruder. Being from the swamp country south of Zweibrücken, they'd be right at home in such conditions.

Ed Youngstrom said...

Pfft. Vile Stagonians. You'd think they'd do fine in such vile weather.

Frankfurter said...

A situation map has been posted at the Frankszonia Blog .... I finally found how to save Game Mapper to a jpeg file:)