Friday, January 4, 2008

A PostCard from Monrovia (a spy's report)

Count Hermann of Munster (chief of Wittenberg's spies) examined his morning mail. He spotted a postcard. It said,

Monrovia Dec 12th. Having a lovely time, the beer in the local tavern is great, looking forward to the christmas celebrations, may see you in the new year, signed Roger de Lodgerly.

The Count looked at the post card and carefully peeled back the corner and removed the picture side of the PostCard.

On the inside hidden from view was the following, written in very small script. Count Herman examined it carefully with his magnifying glass and read :
To: Count Hermann of Munster, Wittenberg

I have been gathering information as requested. I have managed to gain access to the King of Monrovia's palace.

Recently I was able, after bribing some of the servants, to get into the King's rooms and overheard a conversation between the Chancellor and the King Francis III of Monrovia which mentioned alliances with other states, including Stagonia, and the readiness of the their army

I will send you further updates via the usual channels.

From: The Whistler

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abdul666 said...

Great to see the Monrovia-Wittenberg neverending struggle integrated in the EvEurope!

A very nice 'in character'picture -compliments for finding it -yet I wonder: what is that odd wooden construct on the right? Surely not a guillotine in building?