Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wittenberg - foreign involvement in brigandage ?

An extract from the Wittenberg times.....

Corp of Observation deployed in Upper Belgravia

In an initial sweep of the border area by the Uhlans, five highwaymen were apprehended and a band of about 50 brigands dispersed with many of them killed, those captured have been handed over to the civil authoritites for the execution of justice.

Sources close to to the privy council have revealed that one of the brigands killed had on his person documents which originated in Monrovia; in addition letters from Stagonia were also found.


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Stagonian Jeff said...

Stuff and nonsense! We in Stagonia are not involved in such silly adventures.

We suspect that such "letters" are forgeries from sources close to those Saxe-Bearstein usurpers, the von Ursa's.

-- Koenig Maurice of Stagonia