Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Duke-Abbot Installed

God's Good Grace

Today, The Lord our God has seen fit to raise to the Abbey and Patrimony of Kempten, his Grace the Duke-Abbot Alois-Friedrich von Dietmann.

In God's name he has taken the mantle of authority bestowed upon him by The Holy Father and the election by his peers.

A noted biblical scholar, the new Duke-Abbot has arrived from Rome after spending twenty years teaching Rhetoric at the University of Pavia.

All good Catholics across Europe are invited to rejoice at this news.

By God's Holy Order

Father Gumbolls
Secretary to his Grace the Duke-Abbot


Bluebear Jeff said...

I would like to be among the first to welcome this new state to the community of Imagi-Nations of Europa.

May there be nothing but peace between our two states.

-- Furst Bruno von Ursa of Saxe-Bearstein

Frankfurter said...

We'll be praying that your reign will be flooded with the Fruits of the Holy Ghost; and we'll lift several steins to your health at our next fish fry!

Comte l'Beauphaup for
Stanken, Hurtshog Fhartz von Frankszonia

Herzog Ignaz said...

His Grace, an unworthy sinner, congratulates the new Duke-Abbot and requests permission on occasion to dispatch religious and academics to make use of the learning and wisdom of the Duke-Abbot and of his justly renowned library.

Duke Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn