Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fictional America

First of all, I'm a tad lost ... who is where in this newest world???

Now I've got a pile conquistador figures and Aztecs ... but still, I'd need to be located somewhere around Appalachia to be an effective participant, right?
But I'm NOT going to invest in appropriate figures at this stage ...

So, given that we now know that several huge, urban civilizations were wiped out by disease and crop failure after De Soto's relatively late passage through the area, I'm going to assume that instead, these cultures survived ... and thus have major trading interests with the coast and down the river ... especially with the North Eastern, Mountain, and Southern coastal tribes.
We Cherokee preserve several tales of taking in refugee communities from these peoples after the Spanish plague swept through ... so it would make sense to a far fetched degree ....

I'm going to be awfully slow getting on board, however. First of all, I've the secret letter to reveal for Gallia / Frankszonia, a battle to resolve (very tentatively scheduled for next weekend), and then get past the chiefs (Three Feathers (to the Wind), Big Moose Noises, and the very revered White Raven.)

Life has its moments of intervening too ... which really has slowed me down this last couple of weeks ...



abdul666 said...

The Prince-President of Monte-Cristo, equally unsettled to discover, with the existence of Ny Tradgarland, how ignorant he was of the realities of the New Continent, commissioned the Academy of Sciences for an updated analysis of the political situation there. A summary of the report was recently published in the Official Board of the Presipality, under the title: "Oversea colonies: one step further". A short description of the situation in South Africa is annexed.

abdul666 said...

Relevant post on the Monte-Cristan blog updated today: it's really convenient to be able to edit and complete old posts!

MurdocK said...

Fiction: An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented.

This is the important point, it has been invented, and because this is a collaborative effort there is really no way yet to 'nail down' all these "elsewhere's" since we are still working on 'fitting in' everyone into a much more crowded Urope.

Fret not over the location, just tell on your tales or chat-up your commentaries. Ultimately I think that the man in the street that pushed himself into the throne with the king speaking of 'our colonies' didn't have any clear idea of the difference in location of Boston and Charlestown! Meaning that it matters not one whit for the story telling here either!