Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ny Tradgardland Ranger Company

The small, yet effective, ranging company from the Ny Tradgardland settlement is vital in being the eyes and ears of the Duchy in the New World. They are made up of the hunters and volunteers from the settlement along with local Indians. Their knowledge of the locality is legendary as is their woodcraft. Gallia is indeed fortunate to have such potential allies in the struggles ahead.


abdul666 said...

Great pic, and great idea of a specialized elite unit. Indeed Gallia can feel fortunate to have such an ally.

abdul666 said...

P.S: such type of unit generally did not have a flag, so I'll *NOT* take this opportunity to pester you again with my curiosity about (Ny) Tradgarlander banners...
(I just wish for this information to complete the description of a possible Fictitious North America on the Monte-Cristan blog).