Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Divers News From Gallia

Esteemed Gentlemen,
Mostly to keep me on track, may I offer this news?
Gallian Armée du Marshall de Broglie:
Near Minden, Germania where the Britannian Army and her allies are posted.
Broglie pursued the Marquis of Granby after the latter was defeated in June at Gütersloh, Germania.
Gallian Armée du Lieutenant General de Chevert:
Adjacent to the fortress of Gemünden awaiting Der Erbrpinz von Hesse Seewald. An Avant Garde of Frankzonians blocks the main road northward from which Der Erbprinz must march, if he marches south. Chevert retreated to this location after his defeat at the hands of Der Erbprinz at Salzungen in August. The army is just about fully recovered. The fortress anchors Chevert's flank. Confidence is returning. The armée of Lt. Gen. de Poyanne is near at Frankfurt Am Main and Lt. Col. Enigma and his cavalry are returned to the theatre.
Gallian Magazine At Frankfurt Am Main:
l'Intendant Bastille's paranoia has subsided regarding mischief, confusions and intrigues everywhere. Calm has been restored especially since Lt. General de Poyanne remains close by with his 25,000 Gallians. Rebels were scattered by the latter some weeks ago making things more peaceful. It also helps Bastille's digestion that the Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade left under the care of a massive brigade of cavalry commanded by Lt. Col. Enigma at the very height of politcal distress. The latter has just returned to Frankfurt Am Main awaiting orders. The new jail is filled to near capacity with rebels.
At Versailles (Gallian capital):
The party of Lady Diana Pettygree and Lady Cherish Masquerade arrived at Versailles and are recovering from their lightning fast jounrney from the Gallian magazine of Frankfurt Am Main. Lady Pettygree has requested an audience with the Gallian Foreign Minister, Prince du Charade to present to him a letter from the Frankzonian government. So far the Prince has not asked Lady Pettygree to attend him with the letter.
Gallian Foreign Ministry:
The Prince de Charade issued an opinion to the King that the perpetrators of the fire attack from a certain nation of the Orient be tried as spies. He further noted a declaration of war at this time would be pointless. Time will allow some action another day. The war in Germania and alarms from Governor General l'Duc de Silhouette from the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island in the New World are keeping Gallia busy enough. Charade is about to write a letter full of thanks to the the Gallian ally Freyburg for reinforcements en-route into the Gewrmania theatre of war.
Aboard l'Vengenace:
Enseigne Bargot reported to l'Capitaine that the frigate has logged an amazing 1,200 miles in six days from Louisbourg in the New World bound for Le Havre. The frigate is amazingly fast and was aided in this journey by convenient sea currents some navigators say come from the eastern seaboard of America and the Gulf of Mexico. Our voyagers do not know the wind of an approaching but distant hurricane to said eastern coast also added significantly to their journey. At this rate they will reach Le Havre on the 20th instant or thereabouts. The ship carries important diplomatic dispatches from Ny Tragardland and the Gallian Governor General of the Fortress of Louisbourg, l'Duc de Silhouette.
Naval Hospital at Le Havre:
The chief surgeon is about to dismiss the recuperating Tragardland diplomat von Bergman. He thinks the 20th instant will be the day. Von Bergman is understandibly in earnest to resume his mission to Versailles to court the Prince de Charade into an alliance with his country. Von Bergman's gruesome wound suffered in the naval battle between l'Vengeance and Invinceable has healed miraculously. Lucky fellow.
Aboard Britannian Frigate Invinceable:
Damage suffered by lucky long shots in the naval action of mid-June with l'Vengeance is repaired. A new bowsprit and foremast have been fitted at the naval yard at Portsmouth. The captain desires permission to resume cruising off the Gallian coast, especially to return favors with his nemesis aboard l'Vegeance.
Channel Isle de Pettygree:
Lady Pettygree's father is very ill. He may request that his daughter and son return home to his care.
That Woman:
Wherabouts unknown. Presumably she will appear in an intant to advise Lady Pettygree how to preserve herself from next dangers.
The Mysterious Nemesis!:
Her wherabouts also unknown.... Who? What? Why? Where? Does she exist?
Colonel Bauer:
The enigmatic Hesse-Seewald Black Hussar Officer. Wherabouts unknown but is presumed to be with Der Erbprinz or the Mysterious Nemesis.
Der Erbprinz:
No doubt massing for the next battle. Where will he strike?
Votre Serviteur,
Bill Protz


tradgardmastare said...

Many thanks for the comments made on my 2nd Sept Blog . Things are looking most interesting indeed!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Lots of interesting tidbits of information. I await further developements.

-- Jeff