Monday, September 17, 2007

Frundsberg units for loan and other services

Princes, Electors, Landgraves, Barons and other Notables.

May I take this opportunity to acquaint you once again with the range of services offered by the Frundsberg Frei Stadt
  • Provision of all types of military equipment, in particular the foundries of Pappenheim produce a range of cannons, muskets and rifles.
  • Hard wearing uniforms produced from the wool from the sheep of the Stocwold and Pidnem hills
  • Overlooking Sonnenbad is the world famous Kriegsacamedie, where officers can attend various courses to improve their military art.
  • The Stadt can also provide high professional military units for loan and also acts as agents for a number of generals.
  • Suitable facilities for organising conferences with facilitators skilled in producing mutually satisfactory peace treaties.

With highest felicitations

Baron Hardegg (Minister for Foreign Relations)
Frundsberg Frei Stat.


abdul666 said...

While we should not argue about the long experience and proven competence of the Frundsberg Frei Stadt in Matters related to the Fields of Mars, we proudly claim that peaceful Monte-Cristo,with its 'Peace & Love' ethos, is the place of choice for preliminary conferences to peace treaties. Besides, the relaxing effects of the Thermal Baths (with the brand new 'Thalassotherapy') and the Casino are highly propicious to quiet debates -certainly more than the 'military barracks' atmosphere of a militarized German State. The well-known secrecy of the Presipapal Bank for Sustained Development and Constantly Incresing Profit may be a plus.
And the weather is far more pleasant here.

Angele de Polihacrilamide
Senior Consultant
Board for the Lucrative Organization of International Meetings,
The Presipapal Palace

Fire at Will said...

Sire you are obviously unacquainted with the Frei Stadt. There is very little military presence in our towns and cities.

Sonnenbad our cultural capital is famed for it's hot healing waters sourced from a subterreanian spring and channeled into a series of baths. Part of the bath complex is the pump rooms where one can take the waters, relax and discuss the matters of the day, while listening to a string quartet. The buildings of the city are of an elegance unsurpassed in the rest of the empire. Social gatherings are organised in the assembly rooms where the rich and famous mingle freely. Gambling is also well catered for and card games are the most popular.

abdul666 said...

While begging your forgivance for any misunderstanding, in our remote peninsula, about your Country -you know how malevolent rumours are- I dare to strongly doubt that either your Constitution or your climate encourages the Youth to practice casual nudism.
I may assure you that our Hosts look at this as a bonus to their stay here.
*Lady* Angele de Polihacrilamide
(but I doubt women are allowed official Positions of Power outside our Dear progressive Presipality, so no harm taken)