Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Von Bergman-
Friends, if I may be so bold, I am overwhelmed by the kindness I have been shown since I left the Duchy. I am well recovered and able to pursue my,or rather our, aims for Europa. Gallia and Tradgardland stand as twin bastions of Catholic Europe in the north and in the New world too. It is within the order of things we should work,pray and plan for a common goal.
I have been touched by your sympathy for the unfortunate end to our endeavours regarding Shetland. How we have laughed at how the Duke made sport of the Brittanian King by seeming to be his friend. Friends, let us stake our claim for Shetland and England, by working together to make a trip in force once more. I look forward to your thoughts later this night on the matter.
As for the Duchy herself we seek a mutual exchange of information,of knowledge public and arcane. We are willing to welcome Gallian officials to our land as well as the sound of Gallian marching songs. We wish to be partners also in the New world too. Relations betwixt our settlements have been beneficial but more can be achieved. Friends I have spoken enough, I will take my ease and listen now.....

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