Friday, September 21, 2007

Von Bergman Resumes His Mission

May I beg to remind very busy readers about two diplomatic notes en-route to the Gallian Foreign Minister l'Prince de Charde? Aboard l'Vengeance is a New Tragardland message in company with another from the Gallian Fortress of Louisbourg Governor General. On the 20th. instant....

Scene #1
Surgeon General's Office. LeHavre Naval Hospital.

Surgeon General M. de Suiture: Monsieur von Bergman, I am very pleased to release you from our care today. Your grievous wound has healed nicely though the remaining disability is to be regretted. Still I give you joy to return to duty and more.

Tragardland Diplomat von Bergman: Yes, oui, I did not think survival possible, but with the care here and prayer, I am restored. Eager I am to ... but, wait....

Narrator: Both men rise from their chairs moving to the window overlooking the roadstead. The frigate l'Vengeance has entered the harbor firing a broadside salute. They watch and listen to twenty cannon discharges, see the guns being secured and finally observe the ship rounding up into the wind. She slows, momentarily loses way and at that moment her anchors are let go. As she drifts backwards sails are tightly furled, anchors are set and the ships cutter drops smartly into the water.

Von Bergman: That was my ship, you know.

Suiture: Oui, where you sustained the wound with the Britannian Invincible. Well, let us have a parting glass of Chevert wine and I'll bid you adieu.

Scene #2
von Bergman's private suite. LeHavre Naval Hospital. One hour later.
Enseigne Bargot knocks on the door and....

von Bergman: Enseigne Bargot! How good to see you again. Come in. Come innnn. I did not expect to see you. Excellent.

Bargot: Bonjour Monsieur Your Excellency. l'Capitaine sends his sincere compliments and begs to be forgiven he cannot see you at this time. He is with the Port Admiral as we speak.

von Bergman: Oui. Naturally. Please do not be troubled. Kindly tell your commander it is no inconvenience to me and that I should be very pleased to see him when and if duty permits. Meanwhile come and sit by the window. You can see your ship from here. A beauty to be sure. May I offer some wine?

Bargot: Thank you, if I may, but first I have a dispatch my l'capitaine thinks you should have. It is from your colonial administrator in the New World. [Pauses to open his pouch and retrieve the dispatch.] Here it is Monsieur. We carried it all the way from the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island.

von Bergman: Merci, my young friend. I will read it later but meanwhile let us have that glass and tell me of your voyage to the New World and back.

Scene #3
LeHavre Office of the Port Admiral. Three hours later.

von Bergman: Thank you Monsieur l'Admiral for seeing me on such short notice and granting my request.

Admiral: Very pleased to do so. I've ordered the galley to be ready to row up the Seine to Versailles at sunup tomorrow. The capitaine will expect you aboard at your convenience this evening. He is a gallant fellow. A month ago he engaged madmen on the river bent on burning down the city. Engaged their vessels, two exploded in fire and a third was grounded. All survivors though not many were rounded up and jailed. Some escaped though I don't know how. Still, most of 'em paid the final price.

von Bergman: I heard about it. Glad I will be to be in the care of that Gallian crew. My original mission to see the Prince de Charade must not be delayed further. Now I find additions to it from our colonial administrator.

Admiral: Well then, I'll wish you bon voyage et bon chance monsieur. With no luck at all you will be at Versailles on the 23rd. instant. Oh, and Enseigne Bargot will accompany you with a message from the Governor General of Louisbourg. Busy times.
Narrator: We close until another time. Perhaps we will once again meet at the Chateau of 'lPrince de Charade. Adieu.


tradgardmastare said...

I await the events of the 23rd with great interest and enthusiasm.It is good to have Von Bergmann restored unto us and with such an impotant mission ahead of him....

Frankfurter said...

Before leaving the hospital, Von Bergmann receives a scented note from Lisselle, the Margravine Rhabbidiers,
inviting him to an intimate gathering of "Dutch Friends" when he is in the vicinity of Paris.
There's a "P.S." saying that she will probably have to continue her journey in October, and she would be simply devastated should she miss meeting the intrepid nobleman.

Bluebear Jeff said...

-- good to see that he's recovered.

-- Jeff