Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dinner At Chateau Charade

Narrator: When last I wrote, we were in expectation of a dinner on the 26th. instant hosted by the Gallian Foreign Minister l'Prince du Charade at his formidable chateau outside the capital of Versailles. (Paris is a suburb.) The guest of honour as events transpired was none other than the wounded but recovered Tradgardland Diplomat named von Bergmann. Other guests included Gallian Diplomats l'Comte de Legerdemain and von Bergmann's intial contact, l'Comte de Rapprochement. Also in attendance was Lady Cherish Masquerade. She, lending charm, beauty and grace dressed in a stunning ankle length white gown fitted decently to the collarbone, laced in Polish crimson, hair as blond as can possibly be, a necklace of large blue-white pearls, white satin shoes with Polish crimson heels and bows, all accentuated with elegant elbow length white gloves. If I go on much longer she will be even more of a pleasant distraction than she already is. Rounding out the gathering was Charade's Secretary Bernard, takig notes when required. And so....
Charade: Lady Cherish and Gentlemen. As we commence the premier course, let us raise a glass of fine Chevert wine to toast and honour the presence of His Excellency von Bergmann of Tradgardland. Sir! We welcome you and are indeed honoured by your presence after your fateful first landfall, cruel wound in the naval battle of June, by your later recovery and finally by your determined arrival here. You honour and give meaning to the principles of duty.

Narrator: Glasses are raised by all. The Gallians express their sentiments with smiles. Von Bergmann in response rises and bows with great dignity. He then offers his own toast.

Von Begmann: Dear Lady and Gentlemen. You honour me too much but I accept it none-the-less. Allow me to respond with this. Please join me in a salute to Your King and to the journey we are about to undetake in what I think we can metaphorically call The Undiscovered Country.

All: To the King and The Undiscovered Country!

Narrator: The dinner moves through several courses and by nine the time has arrived for the business at hand.

Charade: As the cake is served, Germanian I believe, tres cher Monsieur von Bergmann, may we come to learn something of your mission's purpose? Perhaps only a hint if your wound is becoming tiresome.

Narrator: All turn politely to attentively listen to the Tradgardland diplomat. Lady Cherish leaning in his direction adds an enchanting smile to encourage him to commence. And....

A.G. please take over for as long or short as you like.

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