Sunday, September 2, 2007

After Mass - a letter to Gallia

After Mass, whilst escorting the Abbe from Louisberg back to the Fort, the Govenor of Ny Tradgardland takes the chance to speak to the Gallian Officers.
He asks them to convey a letter back which asks as follows-
Sir ,
May I present my greetings to you and express our thanks for the service of the Abbe. May we also take this opportunity to make overtures of a diplomatic nature to you. In the light of wars and rumours of wars we wish to draw closer to Gallia and her new world representatives. We wish to work together , for defence , for aid and for mutual up building in perpetuity. I await word from you in haste due to the nature of the age.
Yours fraternally
V H Neison
Governor of Ny tradgardland

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