Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Battle in the offing along the Nahe

Reports from both Hesse-Fedora and Hesse-Homburg indicate that the long-delayed campaign to return the Fedoran lands to Homburg control has begun. Fedoran sources, who believe their actions are in accord with the Reichsdiktat of 1576, state that their brave Landgraf Bogart stands ready to repel the invaders, while Homburgers openly brag of the thrashing the separatists will receive.

Wolf Kibitzer, intrepid reporter for the Homburg Fortnighter, was able to sketch a portion of the Fedoran army as it departed Fedora en route to the border.

More information is said to be available from Fedoran sources.


abdul666 said...

A very impressive unit indeed!
Hope that Wolf Kibitzer will be intrepid enough to witness the battle!

abdul666 said...

Eager to discover the mysterious Homburger forces!

Ed Youngstrom said...

I fear those Homburgers for now have simply borrowed whatever "Imperial" troops are handy...see