Wednesday, September 19, 2007

at your service

Dear Sirs,

as a largely neutral nation it would be wrong to take sides at this point, however as our Chancellor has informed me that the royal bank may be in a little trouble due to the fall of the Southern Stone company,we would be willing to come to the aide of any worthy nation, for say the price....... indeed it would be wrong to discuss such thigs here. feel free to contact our Minister Arturo Scargillovich to talk terms


Nicoli Betts-Davittovich

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abdul666 said...

Honored Cousin Nicoli Betts-Davittovich,

no Nation may be more neutral than Monte-Cristo - actually to be neutral, of the lucrative 'warmly friend to all' type, is our trade for more than a century and a half.

Thus we are sorry to decline your so amiable and disunderested offer, as much We would like to help another small Country threatened by aggressive Superpowers.

Could we decently mention here that the Presipapal Bank for Sustainable Development & Constantly Increasing Profit grants guaranteed loans at specially interesting rates to Rulers that mortgage their Country?

With our fraternal sympathy,
Prince-President of Monte-Cristo