Thursday, September 6, 2007

A letter...

Governer of Ny tradgardland to l'Duc de Silhouette:

the Duke has bid me write to you in these terms:
I was most gratified by your recent communication.
"Speaking bodily and plainly we wish to negoiate a Treaty of mutual interdependence and aid - friends in times of war and peace, mars and concord. We wish our purposes to be as one. We wish to labour together as Catholic Monarchs . We wish your aid , working in hand with our Jacobite friends, to further our claim upon the Shetland islands- to the discomfort of Brittania. We offer safe haven to ships and troops here and in Europa."
Please convey theses sentiments to your foreign Minister and ask Von Bergman to intercede for us in Versailes.
Your Servant in Faith and Friendship
Goveernor of Nt tradgardland.

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Gallia said...

My Dear Governor of Ny Tragardland,

I have the honour to say l'Vengeance set sail with your letter to l'Prince de Charade this morning. Her sails dipped below the horizon moments ago as I remain,

Votre Serviteur,
l'Duc de Silhouette
Gallian Governor General
Fortress of Louisbourg
Cape Breton Island