Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nearing The Chateau of l'Prince de Charade

Narrator: Lady Pettygree, as the dear reader may recall, left Frankfurt Am Main, was thereafter escorted to Coblenz and from there travelled to Versailles, Gallia with an important message from the sovereign leader of Frankzonia. What is in that message, we can only guess.
Lady Pettygree: "Lt. Gardier?"

Gardier: "Oui Mademioselle."

Pettygree: "I observe we are a day's coach ride from Versailles. It would be a blessing if you would dispatch an escorted messenger to l'Prince de Charade, at his chateau I should think, announcing our imminent arrival. Please to mention we carry an important dispatch from Frankzonia which he must see at once, if he so pleases. Kindly extend my compliments as well and my desire to see him upon my arrival at Versailles."
Narrator: And so the story moves along a little more. Perhaps next time, we shall enter the library of l' Prince de Charade and read the message together.


Frankfurter said...

Due to real life problems,
(deaths in our families),
I probably should avoid composing the message, which is personally from Granny Loomis, the Duke Mother, so to speak of Frankszonia to Prince Charade and the King of Gallia ....
Hopefully, it won't be too earth shattering, but to make Frankfurters, one must grind exceeding small ...
PS, my old friend, and Edie's grandmother, which are two of the deaths affecting things here now, had both been suffering a lot ... frankly, we're glad for them ... but will miss them terribly.

Gallia said...

Dear Arthur,
Take all the time you need. The Prince de Charade is a very busy Minister and probably can't see Lady Pettygree anytime soon. Plus she will perhaps reconsider the immediacy of her desire for an appointment to rest, recover and properly dress, etc. for her audience. It may be ther a letter from her father awaits her as well to come home to the Channel Isle of Pettygree for some personal reason. So....there it is then....
Kindest Regards,

Bluebear Jeff said...

Arthur, while I do like to follow this storyline, I too feel that you should take all of the time that you need.

I can wait.

-- Jeff