Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tradgardland's Jousting Season

The season of Autumn sees the commencement of the Tradgardian Jousting Season. This sport , whose origins lay in the middle ages, sees riders attempting to remove a ring suspended from an iron figure ( some say the figure represents a Stagonian King of times gone by) whilst galloping at full speed. Each village, town or herrengard has its own team . Competition is fierce and the teams compete in a series of elimination matches until the Grand Final in the Capital.Defending champions are the Mackay team from Smegby who tragically lost their captain at sea this year off the coast of Brittania. It is rumoured that other nations of Europa intend to compete this year. Only time will tell the truth of this matter. The first round will be announced prior to the Full Moon on the 27th of September.

1 comment:

Stagonian Jeff said...

"Baron, have you prepared our 'surprise' for that foul jousting competition?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. All is prepared. The marksmen only need to be given the word to proceed."

"Very good. Proceed with 'Operation Dead Ringer'."