Monday, September 10, 2007

Armed Incursion in Leder-Hosen

Yellow coated Horsemen crossed the western border of Leder-Hosen last night in what appeared to be a sheep raid. A flock of ewes was removed across the border and a shepherd was mortally wounded while attempting to defend his flock.

King Rupert, while not wishing to jump to conclusions has been advised that the only dragoon type of troops who wear yellow coats within the vicinity come from a principality whom we considered to be friends and allies.

Further investigation is being conducted and Jaegers are being moved into the border region to patrol the area in case of a repeat attack.

His majesty hopes this was not a state sponsored act of aggression . . . . . .


Betts-Davittovich said...

good day to you sir, may i introduce

Count Nicoli Betts-Davittovich, the commander of the army of a little known principality not many miles from your own fair lands. a deeply wooded valley has kept our neutrality from the coming and going of the wider urope nations possible for many years. Now sadly ,due to economic need, we seek to unleash ourselves as the latest mercenary arm for higher in the area. wood and wodka just isn't balancing the books. if you wish to contact my first minister or indeed our crown prince please do so through me

yours Count Nicoli B-D

abdul666 said...

Is the Nobility -either in Leder-Hosen or in countries in immediate vicinity- allowed to field troops if armed henchmen in livery?

'Yellow coated Horsemen' appear in many armies -even more, in the confusion dirty off-white or orange can be recorded as 'yellow'.

Now, would any sane Ruler send troops *in uniform* across a border, unless he wants a casus belli? Well, there *are* rumours of black-uniformed hussars escorting openly a mysterious coach outside their own territory...

Frank said...

In Leder-Hosen, the only men allowed to wear a military style uniform are troops serving the king.

No Baron or land owner is allowed to "uniform" their servants or work forces.

Snickering Corpses said...

Being distressed to hear of the thievery of livestock, as their own economy is so well entwined with the dairy market, Hesse-Engelburg sends their condolences to the King of Leder-Hosen, along with a warning to beware of nefarious tricks from the vile Stagonians, who are believed to have a past history of nearious activities while disguised as members of other countries.

Frank said...

We thank Hesse-Engelburg for it's kind comments and support.

We have heard much of Stagonia here in Leder-Hosen and we have been conducting investigations into the raid.

We have concluded that our friend and ally is completely innocent and that as you say sir, someone impersonating Dragoons of the aforementioned state is guilty of the theft and the death of one of our citizens.

As yet we know not who the culprit is, but are ever watchful and the investigation continues . .