Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jacobites Score Another Win

News is travelling rapidly across Caledonia of the Jacobite victory over the Government garrison at Carmudgeon on July 12, 1758. Woodcut drawings will be posted later in the evening showing scenes from the battle.

Prince Charles surprised the the garrison inside Carmudgeon two days ago and drove them back into nearby Curmudgeon Castle, which they were unable to take. Lord George Murray offered generous surrender terms to the garrison, but the British Colonel refused until at least the formality of making a breach in the walls was made. Hence a formal seige has commenced.

I should inform everyone of the gallantry of one adventurer from Tradgardland, a Colonel vonn Bergmann, who led a clan regiment at the bequest of the Prince. Von Bergmann captured 4 British cannon and was appointed master of the artillery park in recognition of his efforts. All were briefly concerned when vonn Bergmann suffered a blow to the head that rendered him unconscious for awhile. But he recovered (saving roll of '6') and continued to lead his regiment on the second day of the battle.

The Clan Cameron regiment captured an important redoubt, spurred on by the inspiring pipes of Pipemajor MacLeod. Another adventurer, knownn simply as The Blade, also showed considerable valor leading a foot charge into a body of Government dragoons.

Again, stay tuned for pictures this evening and tomorrow.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, so Sean MacLeod (seen in the center of the photo next to a mounted officer) inspired the Cameronians, did he?

We Saxe-Bearsteiners expected it. He is quite the figure at 20 stone and over 6 and a half feet tall.

A nice summary here . . . and a good account on your blog.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Frankfurter said...

And we'll all gae together ...

Gallia said...

Dear Alan,
Having placed von Bergmann in the Naval Hospital at Le Havre last June following his grievous wounds aboard l'Vengeance, I found it odd to be firing cannons at the unit he was in. So I deliberately turned the cannons away from his person. However, Der Alte kept pressing and in the end he got in the way of a musket ball or canister round that almost did him in to our great regret. There was a audible groan from Jim and myself! However, Jim may explain how he survived for Day #2 on his blog.
Kind Regards,

tradgardmastare said...

am in yorkshire on hols will write more at weekend.

abdul666 said...

For some reason the unobtrusive Monte-Cristan observer(s) attached to the Jacobite army nicknamed Pipe Major Sean MacLeod "Couillu le Barbu".