Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mass of Thanksgiving at the Kognatdom

KOGNAT, July 24--The Most Reverend Georg Franz Schonbrand-Birkenstock, Bishop of Kognat, today celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving in the historic Kognatdom in gratitude for the news just arrived from Rome of the election and installation of His Holiness Clement XIII as successor to the Throne of St. Peter. It is hoped by many in the ducal court that His Holiness will be able to relieve difficulties consequent to the sharpening tensions within the Church between its ultramontane factions and the more conciliar--some might even say Jansenist--points of view holding currency within many of the royal courts of Christendom.

His Holiness' approach to the current disputes over the status of the Society of Jesus in the lands of the House of Braganza and especially of the Jesuit reductions in the Americas will provide an immediate insight into the likely direction of the Holy See on these questions under His Holiness' reign.

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